The Rage [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

The Rage [2007]

This Robert Kurtzman’s classical horror gore fest is rather contradicting. It combines an excellent finale with a strong and moving message with very bad acting and CGI. The blood andthe rage actual corpses are done masterfully and there is a lot of gore in this flick, I wish that they stuck with make-up and other non-computer effects. Especially considering that this is Robert’s specialty with a very impressive list of movies where he showcased his talents: Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Misery, Night of the Creeps, The Hidden… Besides the poster, The Rage has many similarities with Re-Animator, but immensely more gore and just splatter fun.

Dr. Viktor Vasilienko invented strange virus called rage that turns people into blood hungry zombies. Of course, you know that this discovery is followed by the accident in his lab, unleashing the deadly virus upon the world. After these events, an unsuspecting group of overgrown teenagers will have to face the consequences. Featuring Misty Mundae that did not show her goods in this movie, surprisingly, and Andrew Divoff, the rest of the cast are some anonymous and amateur actors. The dialogue was a rushed, but at the same time almost hilariously so bad that it’s good, so there’s that. I think that if you disregard bad CGI and some of the acting, The Rage is really a great and entertaining movie. Especially if you like horror, gore and zombies. It possesses that old school gore in vast quantities and as I said before a great story that will Dr. Viktor Vasilienko tell towards the end of the movie. So if you like these things check out this flick, enjoy.

Director: Robert Kurtzman

Cast: Andrew Divoff, Misty Mundae, Ryan Hooks, Christopher Allen Nelson, Reggie Bannister

Fun Facts: Mushroomhead are the band performing at the midnight rave scene. They also shot their videos for Damage Done and 12 Hundred on the set of The Rage.


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