Run 1991 Movie Scene Patrick Dempsey as Charlie Farrow hiding in the parking lot

Run [1991]

Exciting and entertaining, Run is one of those underrated nineties action comedies that will simply blow you away. The script is smart, jokes work and action is almost non-stop. We will be following a young and sassy lawyer hunted by an entire fucking town. Yes, you read it right, the entire fucking town. A similar theme was explored in feverishly wet Jewish revenge dream Marathon Man back in 1974. Dustin Hoffman played a young lawyer who likes to run eventually ending up as a part of a huge conspiracy. It features one of the most memorable torture scenes that was seared into the memory of poor boomers although it definitely stood the test of time. Is it safe? However, that was a much slower and more serious movie than this entertaining action extravaganza.  

I will give you one shot to guess how a 1991 movie titled Run and starring young Patrick Dempsey starts? You guessed it, with our homeboy running down the streets and just goofing around. Next up we have fancy cars and gambling, with only cocaine missing from the picture. Say what you want about this intro, but while the opening credits have finished running we knew our title character and set the story in motion. What more to want? For a movie that you probably didn’t hear about, it features surprisingly large amounts of extras, well-choreographed chase scenes, and phenomenal camera work. Not to mention just how creative and original they are. I mean, you can imagine this movie with bigger stars and a heftier budget making it to the classics section. However, that’s why you have Rabbit Reviews, to recommend you these hidden gems.

Young Charlie Farrow is a law student in his hometown of Boston. Of course, like any student, he has to supplement his income somehow and our Charlie boy works as a mechanic. One day his boss gives him the keys to the brand new red Porche and asks him to drive to Atlantic City. Excited to drive this beast and make few bucks along the way, Charlie starts the long drive to Monopoly City. However, what he doesn’t know is that in just a few hours he will be running for his life. Will he make it is up for you to discover.

I already mentioned a better cast, but that doesn’t mean that Patrick Dempsey and Kelly Preston were bad or not adequate. This was an incredibly physically demanding role for Patrick. We will see him falling, jumping, and running all the while maintaining his posture. And remaining in perfectly clean clothes. And what to say about beautiful and mesmerizing Kelly Preston who played her role pitch-perfect. Considering just how naturally talented she was, it’s strange that she didn’t become a bigger star. With a title like this you expect brainless entertainment and what you get is entertainment with a considerable amount of brains. The whole corrupt city aspect is a very poignant and sobering one. Especially if we’re talking about small cities, although I think that pretty much the same in bigger ones too.

Finally, if you’re looking for movies like Run, where someone is sort of speak in enemy territory, check out Trespass, Shorta, End of Watch, and ’71. All of them are quite serious and without this vibrant and cheerful tone that we see in this movie. You would think that a joke after the death of two police officers would somehow break the immersion element and the atmosphere but it doesn’t. So, imagine it’s 1992 and your friend just lent you this unassuming VHS tape with a generic cover that just says Run and prepare to be entertained.

Director: Geoff Burrowes

Writers: Dennis Shryack, Michael Blodgett

Cast: Patrick Dempsey, Kelly Preston, Ken Pogue, A.C. Peterson, James Kidnie, Sean McCann

Fun Facts: Budget for this movie was $16 million


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