Stoner comedies are one of my favourite sub-genres, especially when they are done right, perfect examples being How High, Harold & Kumar, Half Baked… High School cannot be added to this hall of fame, but it sure is a movie that will satisfy your need for laughter and maybe something else. Considering that this is a directorial debut for John Stalberg, it turned out pretty awesome, and without major fuck ups. Thing that annoyed me was the typical cast, that was thrown onto us without an ounce of shame. Two guys, one funny and fatty fuck up and one sciency-nerdy type become partners in crime, I mean come on. This plot I have seen at least a dozen times, and although it worked here, it is something to be avoided, luckily the rest of the script is pretty good, and it has that original weed vibe (especially if you watch while being high).

High School would be another lame budget weed comedy if not for three actors in supporting roles that colored this movie and gave us, the viewers, something to go back to after a while. Lets start with Adrien Brody AKA Psycho Ed, a guy who started as a shy piano player now is a vicious and psychotic tattooed drug dealer. Michael Chiklis, a bold thug from The Shield, AKA Dr. Leslie Gordon, a by-the-books principal who wants to eliminate drugs from his school. Colin Hanks AKA Brandon Ellis well, there’s nothing special about this killer from Dexter, apart that he was that high school kid in Orange County [2002], a movie with a similar subject. We can also see Curtis Armstrong, and if you can’t still remember who he is, I have only one word for you: Booger.

As I said earlier meet Henry and Travis, two unlikely friends brought together by the icky sticky – weed. Henry is a really smart kid with perfect grades, and he can’t wait to get into Harvard, while Travis has one goal in his life: to get stoned. While Travis is stoned almost all the time, Henry hasn’t even tried weed, so after detention he decides it is finally time. As the school principal Dr. Leslie Gordon decides to test all the students for drugs, Travis and Henry must find a way to stop him, and how will they accomplish that is up to you to find out, enjoy…

Director: John Stalberg

Cast: Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Colin Hanks, Matt Bush, Sean Marquette, Curtis Armstrong

Fun Facts: John Stalberg Jr., the Writer/Director, provides the voice of Psycho Ed’s Frog. What? WHAT WHAT? What? (In the butt)


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