I did not know that this is a mini series and I accidentally watched in one go and I can tell you it’s really good. It’s based on first two books in the Discworld series written by Terry Pratchett and it features a really strong cast led by the almighty David Jason. I was so used to seeing him as Del Boy in one of the best television series out there “Only Fools and Horses” that it took some time to really get into this fantasy vibe, but Jason is such a good actor that the transition was smooth. Supporting cast could hardly be called that with such greats as Jeremy Irons and Cristopher Lee, so you can immediately  see that the acting part is going to be great. The production values were the thing that worried me the most, but The Colour of Magic has that nice and shiny feel to it, so even that went well. This is a perfect movie for those long Sunday afternoons where you just want to drop into some fantasy world and forget about your everyday worries. Directed by Vadim Jean who already did one Terry Pratchett adaptation back in 2005 (Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather), movie has that classic theatrical vibe that mixed with great script and acting created a very strange and dreamy atmosphere.

The Colour of Magic [2008] Movie Review Recommendation PosterMeet Rincewind, a wizard who has problems even with the basic wizardring and people are suspecting that the Discworld hasn’t seen a wizard this clumsy yet. After almost 40 years of unsuccessful attempts to learn even the simplest of the spells, Rincewind is finally expelled from the Unseen University. To make things worse for our poor little wizard, he’s forced by Lord Vetinari, a Patrician of Ankh-Morpork to help Twoflower, a property insurance salesman who just arrived in Discworld. He’s actually the first tourist ever to visit this strange place and this is where the adventure begins…

It’s not worth crying over spilt milk, but one wonders just how epic would this movie be if they had a bigger budget. Just to be clear, Sky One invested over seven million pounds in this mini series and you can clearly see that they did wonders with that money, but I can’t stop thinking about a $100 million budget with the same actors. Well, I’m guessing if you’re getting that sort of money you are much more constrained by the financial side of things, but I digress. Now, I haven’t read these books and I had no trouble following the story, so don’t worry about that. In fact, maybe this movie will make you read the books because there are a lot of them.

Director: Vadim Jean

Cast: David Jason, Sean Astin, Tim Curry, Jeremy Irons, Christopher Lee

Fun Stuff: Both Sean Astin (Twoflower) and Sir David Jason (Rincewind) are long-term Pratchett fans. Jason named The Colour of Magic as his choice of favourite book of all time in the BBC’s Big Read survey.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1079959/

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