Congo 1995 Movie Scene Expeditions finding ruins of the lost city of Zinj or King Solomon Mines

Congo [1995]

If you're looking for some harmless old-school jungle adventure fun, Congo is a solid choice despite all its flaws and crazy plot.
The Asphalt Jungle 1950 Movie Scene Sam Jaffe as Doc hearing alarms go off during the heist

The Asphalt Jungle [1950]

The Asphalt Jungle rivals any modern heist movie offering a look into the gritty world of crime in the fifties and engaging storytelling.
No Way Out 1987 Movie Scene Kevin Costner as Tom Farrell thinking about what he's going to do now

No Way Out [1987]

A bit outdated, No Way Out is a slow-burning procedural thriller with several subplots involving murder, politics, romance, and espionage.
Before I Go To Sleep 2014 Movie Scene Nicole Kidman as Christine waking up in the bed not knowing what's going on

Before I Go to Sleep [2014]

Before I Go to Sleep is a psychological thriller following a woman who lost her short-term memory after a vicious attack looking for answers.
Horns 2013 Movie Scene Daniel Radcliffe as Ig Perrish in a doctors office with a saw stuck in his horn

Horns [2013]

Pacey, upbeat and funny, Horns is a refreshing who-done-it supernatural mystery starring the one and only Daniel Radcliffe.
Child 44 Movie Scene Tom Hardy as Leo Demidov and Fares Fares as Alexei in their Soviet uniforms

Child 44 [2015]

Messy and bland, Child 44 is also a visually impressive period drama with a great cast exploring intriguing themes that warrants one viewing.
From Beyond 1986 Movie Scene Ted Sorel as Dr. Edward Pretorius nest to The Resonator as it's working

From Beyond [1986]

If you're looking for something different, authentic and nasty, From Beyond is a perfect choice with its nightmarish Lovecraftian atmosphere.
Against the Ice 2022 Movie Scene Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Ejnar Mikkelsen and Joe Cole as Iver Iversen posing for a photo before they set off

Against the Ice [2022]

Based on true events, Against the Ice is a light period drama following a two-man expedition into the bitter coldness of Greenland.
Once Were Warriors 1994 Movie Scene Temuera Morrison as Jake hugging Rena Owen as Beth

Once Were Warriors [1994]

Once Were Warriors is a harrowing but necessary experience exploring so many different issues through the lens of one dysfunctional family.
Year of the Dragon 1985 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Stanley White hugging Ariane as Tracy Tzu after a shootout in the restaurant

Year of the Dragon [1985]

Set in New York's Chinatown, Year of the Dragon is a gritty police thriller with impactful visuals, an intense atmosphere, and an epic vibe.
Predestination 2014 Movie Scene Ethan Hawke as The Barkeep holding a gun in a laundry room

Predestination [2014]

Featuring a thought-provoking and engaging story, Predestination is an intelligent time travel movie not only for fans of hard science fiction.
The Boxtrolls 2014 Movie Scene Ben Kingsley as Snatcher and his henchman holding a girl startled

The Boxtrolls [2014]

Featuring an authentic visual style and an intelligent story for both kids and adults, The Boxtrolls will make you fall in love with them.
Elling 2001 Movie Scene Per Christian Ellefsen as Elling wearing a trench coat and sunglasses

Elling [2001]

Take a break from your usual movie schedule and check out Elling, a heartwarming, honest, and refreshing drama with a lot of dark humor.
Nightmare Alley 2021 Movie Scene Bradley Cooper as Stanton Carlisle leaving his house in flames while smoking a cigarette

Nightmare Alley [2021]

Stylish and featuring that trademark del Toro vibe, Nightmare Alley is too sleek for its own good and works best as a slow period drama.