Coming to us from famous Joel Schumacher (The Number 23, Phone Booth, 8MM, Falling Down) this movie is surprisingly not mainstream, big production effort. It rather represents an independent production with good visual effects. The story has great ingredients but the way they are cooked is somewhat questionable. Nazi experiments, Vikings, Satanism, supernatural powers and the clash between good and evil erupt in this movie. The only problem is that most of those ideas are not elaborated and explained, making them even more appealing to audience. However, these years we are rarely treated with movies dealing with these subjects that are watchable. Usually they are low-budget, milking blunders without any redeeming values. Town Creek reminded me of the eighties with its sleek style and over-the-top storyline. The only difference is that they took it seriously, instead of adding a layer of humor like they did in the eighties.

After the disappearance of his brother Evan Marshall has tried to lead a normal life as a paramedic, but once he appears and asks him to join him in a fight against an unknown enemy, his life will take a different course. Visual effects and action sequences are very good, and the movie has that cool, almost comic-like vibe. Although people might find this movie a bit shallow it is still very entertaining and engaging, especially if you are interested in these subjects. On a final note, just check out the line-up and the year of filming…

Director: Joel Schumacher

Cast: Dominic Purcell, Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender, Emma Booth, Rainer Winkelvoss

Fun Stuff: Joel Schumacher and David Kajganich had a falling out over all the changes Schumacher wanted in the script (not unlike what happened between Schumacher and Andrew Kevin Walker on 8MM (1999)). The director won and re-wrote parts of the script himself.


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