These movies always remind me of some bestselling books, although I have never read one. How to cope with the death of the loved one? This question has been with us since the dawn of humanity and I think there’s no right answer here. I said these movies and I haven’t mentioned them, so here we go: Mothman Prophecies, Frequency, White Noise and finally Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter from 2010. I love the supernatural motive as much as the next guy, but what I hate is fucking pandering. Everything will be alright and you can still communicate with the dead, it’s easy for fucks sake, just use ouija board or something. I don’t want to say genpopsplatation, but I have to say it. Directors know that people love these concepts so they cobble up some story and make aDragonfly [2002] Movie Review Recommendation Poster product to satisfy the people. When it comes to action movies or comedies, this is just fine, but when it comes to supernatural, it just comes off insulting. Well, this was some rant, back to the movie.

After the death of his wife, Dr. Joe Darrow started to communicate with his late wife through his patients. All of those patients had near death experiences so Joe knows that these things are connected. One night, a strange sound woke him. It was the sound of his wife’s dragonfly paper weight… The whole near-death thing could be great plot twister, lets say that he is so desperate to talk to his wife that he starts to intentionally make people experience this borderline between life and that. But that did not happen. Dragonfly is a good movie, with lots of mystery and suspense. Some people will find Kevin Costner’s performance a bit bleak, but I think that he did a good job. Enjoy.

Director: Tom Shadyac

Cast: Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson, Joe Morton, Ron Rifkin, Kathy Bates, Matt Craven

Fun Facts: The character Joe Darrow was written with the intention of Harrison Ford taking the part. Ford turned down the role to take a year off from movies.


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