The Perfect Host 2010 Movie Scene Clayne Crawford as John Taylor getting robbed in a store

The Perfect Host [2010]

The Perfect Host is probably the best movie I have seen all year. And it’s going to be hard for any other to top this perfection in these remaining few months. Do not watch the trailer and do not try to find out more about this movie, it will spoil the fun! Just trust me on this one, it’s going to be really good. The less you know about it the better it will be.

David Hyde Pierce was phenomenal, I mean I knew that he is a good actor, but this good… Apart from the “big things”, the little things in his performance were the thing that I loved so much. That subtle look, or almost unnoticeable hand movements are the things that fascinated me. Clayne Crawford is known for his roles in various TV series, so he is another familiar face, and his performance was also satisfactory.

Due to the nature of the movie, this is not going to be a standard review with links and trailers, but a shorter version. It pains me that I cannot share with you all the things I loved in The Perfect Host. The twists and turns that got me so excited that I almost regained faith in modern cinema. This is a necessary sacrifice I’m willing to make.

And now something about the plot, John Taylor is a small-time criminal who’s not having a good day. After being shot in a robbery he’s in desperate need of help. And in this condition, he decides to break into one of the houses in a posh neighborhood that he’s in. The first person turns him down, but then he knocks on the door of Warwick Wilson, an unsuspecting victim, who eventually lets him in his house.

The storytelling is coherent, logical, and totally believable. And yet still full of surprises and delicate moments. I would rather watch this movie ten times than see 10 minutes of another mainstream crap. The attention to detail and direction, in general, are so good that there will always be some details you’re going to miss.

For example, the second time I watched it, I noticed just how meticulous John was after the heist. Taking care of every possible clue that could lead back to him. And we zip through this part of the movie in less than a minute. Rather predictably, The Perfect Host was lost in a sea of much bigger but not better movies. We’re here to fix that woeful injustice.

Director: Nick Tomnay

Cast: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker, Helen Reddy, Megahn Perry

Fun Facts: The budget for this movie was only $500.000


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