Here`s an earlier Jessica Alba flickidle-hands (you do not have to worry there will not be dolphins, and there is some nudity). This movie is about teenager Anton (played by Devon Sawa) who does nothing all day but smoke pot and hang out with his friends. His hand gets possessed by an evil force and he can`t control it, which leads him to a series of unfortunate and funny events. Lots of cool music in this flick, especially I am glad that in one scene you can see White Zombie on TV, along with the appearance and music performance by The Offspring. Horror that incorporates comedy in its core, good combination, enjoy.

Director: Rodman Flend

Cast: Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Jessica Alba, Vivica A. Fox, Fred Willard

Fun Facts: Perhaps the reason behind the film’s financial failure is due to the fact that it was released ten days following the Columbine High School massacre.


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