Infini [2015]

I just love traveling in space. Especially to a remote outpost on the edge known universe like in Infini, a visually impressive and solid science fiction movie. Worn-out interiors, atmospheric exterior shots, uniforms and weapons all look believable. We start with strong Blade Runner and new Total Recall vibes, quickly descending into Event Horizon territory. The intro is a bit confusing, but once we reach the outpost, everything falls into place. We follow a rescue team sent to find out what happened in the remote mining facility. Covered in ice, it reminded me of the Norwegian camp in The Thing with strong Aliens military influences. As you can notice, this movie draws inspiration from many classics that we grew up with. However, the story does have some unique elements.

Ultimately, Infini can be classified as a B science fiction movie worth a watch. With a familiar story and setting perfect for escapism, it’s one of those movies you start watching on a Tuesday night at 3 am. And kind of want to finish. The acting was great and very committed. Moreover, at some points even too committed and intense, creating this uncomfortable feeling where you want to look away from the screen. A true credit to the very talented cast. The pacing is fast and relentless, keeping you engaged throughout. I also like the dialogue, it was well written and realistic. Especially when things kicked off in the second part of the movie.

With a pregnant wife at home, Whit Carmichael is determined to make some real money for his family. He takes a very dangerous but high-paying mercenary job, the only option available to him. His first mission is to find out what happened on the mining facility Infini. The soldiers use Slipstreaming, a form of teleportation to get there and Whit is just getting briefed at the base of operations. However, the first unit that just went returns completely insane from what they saw. The entire home base on Earth goes into lockdown and Whit finds himself between a rock and hard place. And that’s just the beginning of his troubles.

Directed by Shane Abbess (Gabriel, The Osiris Child), Infini is full of mystery and tension. You, as well as our rescue crew, don’t know what’s going on and what might pop up around the corner. Mostly because of the tight corridors and raging storms outside the facility, the atmosphere is claustrophobic and tense. However, towards the end, I think even the movie itself goes mad.

The storytelling becomes disjointed and you kind of want the whole thing just to end. If they only trimmed about 15 minutes or so, it would be so much better and a more streamlined experience. So, it’s best to keep your expectations low and be prepared for a descent into madness. Finally, if you’re looking for movies like Infini check out PandorumDead Space: DownfallGhosts of Mars, and Life

Director: Shane Abbess

Writer: Brian Cachia, Shane Abbess

Cast: Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth, Luke Ford, Bren Foster, Dwaine Stevenson, Louisa Mignone

Fun Facts: Some of the cast never left the set once the shoot began. They slept on the set because they wanted to maintain their connection to the reality of the story.


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