It is really strange that something that’s a straight-to-DVD can be entertaining and interesting, especially with Luke Goss starring. I really don’t get what he’s got that the viewers want, he looks like a skinny version of Jason Statham; also he was called a poor mans Tom Cruise, and besides that he was in a popular boy band Bros (I guess Rodney Trotter is a fan). Anywhoo, back to the movie, although the budget wasn’t big they pulled off a decent action flick with a classical subject of death racing set in the seventies by the original movie. The effects are good, acting average and there are some familiar names on the cover to raise a few eyebrows to the Netflix cover image, thinking this could be fun. And they are right, what the director wanted to make, he made: a relatively cheap, entertaining flick that is worth a watch. Going back in time, if you compared this movie with Death Race [2008], the sequel explains actions and motivation of the characters. The prequel thing is now somewhat of a trend and at least in something Death Race 2 fits with big flicks.

Carl ‘Luke’ Lucas is an experienced driver working for a local mafia boss Markus Kane. After a botched heist he ends up in the Terminal Island  prison, appropriately titled since it holds its Death Races. They are a brutal and violent races, where prisoners are encouraged to race against one another and win by any means they see fit. Luke soon finds himself behind the wheel, racing for his life, but also on a lookout for Kane’s revenge. In all this mess we will get to know the driver that is known as the “Frankenstein”…

Director: Roel Reiné

Cast: Luke Goss, Sean Bean, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Lauren Cohan, Tanit Phoenix

Fun Facts: Frankenstein’s Monster – A five-speed manual Fifth-generation Ford Mustang armed with dual M134 Miniguns for offense, and a smoke screen, napalm, and oil slick for defense,[6] as well as a 6-inch-thick (150 mm) detachable steel plate on the rear bumper called “The Tombstone.”


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