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The Running Man [1987]

I remember watching this movie throughout my entire life, first as a kid, later as a teenager and now finally as a grown man (yeah, right). Each time I found something so exciting and interesting about it, that I spent days thinking or doing something related to this masterpiece. I know what you’re thinking, this shit is too old and outdated, the action is lame and the whole thing is just like one long music video. Let me change your mind: This is a post-apocalyptic, social critique spewing, action-packed, funny and entertaining movie that’s also relevant and uber-cool. It influenced many movies, video games and TV shows (inspired TV’s “American Gladiators”). And if this wasn’t enough for you, it was written by none other than Stephen fucking King! Starring Arnold, Jesse, Maria and Yaphet, this is also a full-blooded eighties movie with the appropriate music, vibe and look. Dear Lord Satan, can it be this good…

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It is the year of our lord 2017 and an economic catastrophe devastated the world. The government decided to forgo the pretending and became a totalitarian state, controlled by the military. Culture and other insignificant activities are forbidden as the populous are forced to watch “The Running Man” a TV show where convicted criminals try to win their freedom. To do so, they must escape their enemies who are trying to kill them in various ways. Cue Ben Richards, a police helicopter pilot wrongly convicted of a massacre who’s now on the run. He finds shelter with a rebel group, but that doesn’t last long…

If something isn’t blowing up or someone isn’t fighting, you can be sure that there will be jokes that work so well after all this time that it’s just mind-boggling. The issues raised by this movie are very intriguing from the totalitarian government and their plan for the people to TV stations broadcasting the show. Everything is exactly the same as it is now. Because some things change but one thing doesn’t: People. Capturing the mentality of the human species, The Running Man is timeless. Whether we would like to admit it or not, we are fascinated by all the motives here and we find them interesting. Just as the people in the movie did. This is the definition of a guilty pleasure, not to get too technical and preachy now towards the end. I know that you’ve seen this movie sometime in your life, but watch it again, it’s worth it…

Director: Paul Michael Glaser

Writer: Stephen King, Steven E. de Souza

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso, Yaphet Kotto, Jim Brown, Jesse Ventura, Richard Dawson

Fun Facts: As with most other readers at the time, the filmmakers had no idea that Richard Bachman, the writer on whose novel the film is loosely based, was none other than Stephen King.


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