Unhinged 2020 Movie Russell Crowe pointing his finger instructing Caren Pistorius to roll her windows down

Unhinged [2020]

Familiar and surprisingly violent, Unhinged is an entertaining and fast-paced thriller about what might happen to you if you honk at the wrong guy.
Detour 2016 Movie Desert scene

Detour [2016]

Very engaging and intelligent road-trip movie about life and how choices we make take us onto unexpected paths. Or expected...
Locke [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Locke [2013]

I think you should know that this movie is set entirely in just one location: Ivan Locke's car. I also think that you should know that this is one...
The Liability 2012 Movie Jack O'Connell and Tim Roth looking at each other in the forest scene

The Liability [2012]

An aging hitman and a young, restless kid bond throughout his last job. Doubles as a road and British crime movie, acceptable for a single watching.
The Rambler [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Rambler [2013]

I really wanted this movie to be phenomenal, the setup was really good: Texas wasteland, comic-book characters and a story that combines horror and...
Last Passenger [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Last Passenger [2013]

Almost all the movies that begin with a notice that the movie has been produced with awarding funds from the British national lottery are excellent,...
Retroactive [1997] Movie Review Recommendation

Retroactive [1997]

After all those new blockbusters it's time to go back in time with Retroactive, a movie about going back in time. This raw diamond has been unnoticed...
Vehicle 19 [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Vehicle 19 [2013]

OK, we get it, Paul Walker is a really good driver. After the enormous success of the Fast and Furious franchise, Vehicle 19 starring Mr. Walker...
The Last Stand [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Last Stand [2013]

He's back! He does it again! Damn right he's the sheriff! And who that might be, you are wondering? None other than the man himself, Arnold...
Premium Rush [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Premium Rush [2012]

Rarely do you see a movie about cycling, bikers have so many movies that it can be said that there's a whole "biker" genre but for those who ride...
Carjacked 2011 Movie Stephen Dorff and Maria Bello in car

Carjacked [2011]

If you're looking for a movie that's easy to watch look no further than Carjacked, a by-the-book thriller starring Stephen Dorff and beautiful Maria Bello.