Black Dog 1998 Movie Scene Patrick Swayze as Jack Crews and Gabriel Casseus as Sonny looking at an exposion

Black Dog [1998]

Charming in a way only a B-action movie can be, Black Dog is an entertaining thrill ride with huge trucks, shootouts, and lots of humor.
Cop Car 2015 Movie Scene Hays Wellford as Harrison and James Freedson-Jackson as Travis looking at an abandoned police car

Cop Car [2015]

What would you do if you found an abandoned cop car on the outskirts of the small town where almost nothing happens? I know, me too...
CHIPS 2017 Movie Scene Dax Shepard as Jon and Michael Peña as Ponch riding motorbikes down the highway during a chase

CHIPS [2017]

As a definition of brainless fun, CHIPS is a raunchy buddy-cop comedy with a predictable story, a lot of chases, and a very appealing visual style.
Wheelman 2017 Movie Frank Grillo as Wheelman

Wheelman [2017]

Featuring sleek visuals and set almost entirely inside the car of a bank robbery getaway driver, Wheelman is an effective thriller for the fans of car movies.
Bajocero 2021 Movie A police car in front of an armored prisoner transport van on a dark road

Bajocero AKA Below Zero [2021]

Featuring a couple of great concepts that fell apart in the final third, Bajocero is an atmospheric and gritty Spanish thriller perfect for time-wasting.
Neon City 1991 Movie Lyle Alzado as bulk standing in front of the bus holding a gun

Neon City [1991]

Doubling as a road trip movie, Neon City is a decent post-apocalyptic Mad Max ripoff with a fun cast, fully fleshed out world, and a strong western vibe.
Unhinged 2020 Movie Russell Crowe pointing his finger instructing Caren Pistorius to roll her windows down

Unhinged [2020]

Familiar and surprisingly violent, Unhinged is an entertaining and fast-paced thriller about what might happen to you if you honk at the wrong guy.
Detour 2016 Movie Desert scene

Detour [2016]

Very engaging and intelligent road-trip movie about life and how choices we make take us onto unexpected paths. Or expected...
Locke [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Locke [2013]

I think you should know that this movie is set entirely in just one location: Ivan Locke's car. I also think that you should know that this is one...
The Liability 2012 Movie Jack O'Connell and Tim Roth looking at each other in the forest scene

The Liability [2012]

An aging hitman and a young, restless kid bond throughout his last job. Doubles as a road and British crime movie, acceptable for a single watching.
The Rambler [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Rambler [2013]

I really wanted this movie to be phenomenal, the setup was really good: Texas wasteland, comic-book characters and a story that combines horror and...