Night Owls 2015 Movie Adam Pally as Kevin and Rosa Salazar as Madeline drinking wine

Night Owls [2015]

Refreshing and charming, Night Owls is my kind of romantic comedy. Yes, you read it right, Rabbit Reviews does feature a couple of romcoms. They have to be really good to make the cut and this one definitely is. Powered by strong performances from Adam Pally and especially Rosa Salazar, it’s engaging and funny. There are a lot of gags and raunchy jokes making you forget that you’re watching a romantic comedy. Something you would expect from a movie that starts with a couple about to have drunken sex. Same as Bad Roomies, another underrated comedy, it has this vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

Night Owls successfully builds tension with awkward, bizarre, and ultimately hilarious situations. Situations you probably were in, at least to some extent. It explores relationships, love, and life in general in a very smart way. Defusing these subjects with humor and empathy, it will make you think. We start from an oblivious male perspective (is there another one?) and slowly transition into a troubled female one. All the while going over important issues with style and humor. Delightfully subversive and easygoing, it’s going to creep up on you. And before you know it, it’s going to be over.

Kevin is one of those guys who works all the time and gets little recognition. He loves his job, working as a video assistant for coach Will Campbell, whom he worships. While the rest of the team is out of town, getting ready for a big away game, he gets lucky. He meets Madeline, a sexy and edgy girl who takes him home eager to hook up for the night. However, what Kevin doesn’t know is that the house he brought him to is his boss’. On the other hand, that will soon be the least of his problems as he wakes up and realizes Madeline has passed out…

Another source of entertainment is the fact that Night Owls is unfolding almost in real-time. This adds more tension to the atmosphere and a deadline that you see coming as the movie progresses. The dynamic relationship between Kevin and Madeline is the core of it. They move from strangers to friends, to lovers, to enemies, and a whole bunch of other stuff, keeping things fresh and exciting. I loved Rosa Salazar here. She was captivating, vulnerable, and seductive. And cute, let’s not forget cute. So, it’s no wonder she ended up starring in Alita: Battle Angel. This movie might push you to look at relationships from a different perspective. Finally, if you’re looking for similar movies check out Drinking Buddies, Crazy, Stupid, Love. and Palm Springs

Director: Charles Hood

Writer: Seth Goldsmith, Charles Hood,

Cast: Adam Pally, Rosa Salazar, Rob Huebel, Tony Hale, Peter Krause

Fun Facts: Most of the movie is filmed in one location: a house in Topanga Canyon found on AirBnB.


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