Prey AKA Proii 2016 Movie Scene Lion with blood all over his mouth getting ready to attack

Prey AKA Prooi [2016]

Prey, also known as Uncaged, is a delightfully entertaining blend of horror and comedy featuring one hell of a story. It’s coming to us from one of the best Dutch directors, Dick Maas. He’s the guy behind such great movies as Down and Amsterdamned. This time we will be following a huge lion loose in the city of Amsterdam. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Because the plot is so over-the-top this must be one of those C productions with horrible special effects and even worse acting. However, that is certainly not the case with this movie.

The CGI in Prey is just so fucking juicy and realistic that I’m wondering why they don’t make more of these movies. I would love to see a tiger or some other deadly animal wreak havoc upon unsuspecting citizens of major European cities. I think we’ve seen enough of Crocodile Movies to know that this concept works. Speaking of that, you should also know that Prey is ranked pretty high on our Movies About Lions list. So, do check it out if you’re looking for similar movies.

Moving on, I have to warn you that this is not a family-friendly movie. There will be a lot of graphic violence and quite nasty kills. There will also be a lot of humor and classic banter. The whole movie has this very casual atmosphere interrupted by moments of sheer terror. Some of these scenes look completely surreal because we’re talking about a wild animal killing people in the middle of a large city. I can’t help but mention Del Boy from Only Fools And Horses and the title of his movie There’s a Rhino Loose in the City. Fucking gold.

After a vicious attack at a farm near Amsterdam, a mysterious killer claims another victim, this time on a golf course. The police are not sure who’s the perpetrator of these attacks but they soon learn that there might be a lion on the loose in their city. So, they bring an expert hunter to deal with this threat but he won’t be alone in this. Because people decided to take the matter into their own hands.

Because it’s set in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, Prey has very a very authentic vibe. I urge you not to watch the dubbed version of the movie but the one with the original audio. Mostly because the dub was simply atrocious. To be fair, acting wasn’t that good either but it did the job. After all, we’re here to have some crazy fun. And since this is a movie coming from the Netherlands it’s practically obligatory to get high before watching it. This will make all the bizarre and sometimes quite fucked up scenes hit just a little bit harder.

Finally, you shouldn’t confuse this movie with another featuring the same title but released in 2007. That movie features a family who gets attacked by, you guessed it, lions while on safari. It’s not as nearly as fun or entertaining as this one but at least it stars Peter Weller.

Director: Dick Maas

Writer: Dick Maas

Cast: Julian Looman, Abbey Hoes, Mark Frost, Victor Löw, Roosmarijn van der Hoek, Mamoun Elyounoussi

Fun Facts: The lion we see in the close-up shots is animatronic while CGI was used in only a few scenes to save on the money.


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