Cowboys & Aliens [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Cowboys & Aliens [2011]

Advertised as a new masterpiece, coming to us from Steven Spielberg and involving aliens, this movie is exactly the same as its title. Even history channel plugged it into its show Ancient Aliens, or they used it for promotion of the show, nevertheless this circle-jerk was pretty lame. First of all there is no way that aliens would come to our planet to harvest gold since they can find it on other planets that are not populated, and there are so many other inconsistencies that I won’t bother you with them. Some movies you like so much, and you want them to be great so you do your best to make excuses for them, or figure ways how they can be true, but a movie without a heart and soul is just that. After we have cleared that, now we can move on to some more positive elements of the movie, like special effects and camera work that were really good, a bit trashy and seventies style, but still they fitted in nicely. Acting was average, all around, and so bland… In fact, the entire movie was just bland, like looking at a river, some things are moving, others not, and that’s pretty much that.

At least it was mildly entertaining, and since I’m an avid science fiction fan, I had to check it out. So if you are tapped out of good movies, and want to watch something that will keep your attention at about 40% leaving you free to go to the toilet without stopping it, roll some shit, take stroll down the memory lane, or just breathe. A guy wakes up in a desert with some fancy bracelet on his arm and amnesia (only original stories from Mr. Spielberg), and after he fucked up some family he heads to the nearest town. There he will witness the attack of the aliens who are snatching up everybody (cue Mr. Antoine Dodson) and taking them to an unknown location. So, our mysterious desert stranger will band up with the locals to try and free them.

Director: Jon Favreau

Cast: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Abigail Spencer, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Clancy Brown

Fun Facts: The filmmakers cite Alien and Predator as an influence on the look of aliens in the film.


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