Cowboys & Aliens 2011 Movie Scene An alien creature attacking Daniel Craig as Jake and Olivia Wilde as Ella by the river

Cowboys & Aliens [2011]

Well, yes, the title of this movie is pretty much self-explanatory. It says a lot not only about the story but also about the vibe of the movie. Cowboys & Aliens is a mildly entertaining science fiction movie showing us what would happen if the aliens invaded during the time of the Wild West. It’s based on a graphic novel of the same name by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. And the director is Jon Favreau who after two highly successful Iron Man movies decided to do another graphic novel adaptation. The budget was big, in excess of $160 million and you know what this means.

Cowboy & Aliens is that big summer blockbuster featuring excellent special effects, production values, and one hell of a cast. It’s led by Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford although my new crush Olivia Wilde is here as well. To help shape the whole thing into one mean money-making machine, Steven Spielberg was called to the rescue to serve as an executive producer. So, enough with the names and tell us what’s this movie like Rabbit! Well, I can tell you one thing, it sure isn’t a masterpiece. This is a casual timekiller you’re going to forget all about exactly two days after you watch it.

It’s good enough for one viewing, preferably high, drunk, or both, to cushion the blow of the commercial aspects of it. But, then again, what we were expecting from a movie with the title Cowboys & Aliens? And I do recommend you watch the theatrical version as the Extended One clocks in at a whopping two hours and fifteen minutes. Still, if you like trashing movies or watching movies so bad that they’re good, I guess you can give it a go. After all, Ancient Aliens now use parts of this movie to prove their theories. And are those theories correct? Ancient Aliens theorists say the answer is a resounding yes and point to this movie as proof.

1873, New Mexico Territory. A man just wakes up in the middle of a desert wearing a strange bracelet. A bracelet that doesn’t look like anything he’s seen before. And then that man realizes he doesn’t know who he is or where he is. To solve this mystery he heads to the nearby town of Absolution. There, he finally gets some answers, his name is Jake Lonergan and he’s a wanted man. However, that will be the least of his problems once the aliens show up…

I was thinking should I tell you why aliens decided to visit the Wild West and decided I’m going to tell you. They traveled all that way from their home planet to get our gold. Yes, gold, is the same gold that can be found on almost every meteor, planet, rock, or anything else that moves in the universe. I simply had to get that off my chest, I feel better now. And I think that it’s important that you know just how silly the main premise is, so you don’t go into this movie expecting wonders.

If, however, you decide to approach it with an open mind and an open heart, it might surprise you. Everybody here knew they weren’t making a serious movie and it shows. Daniel Craig especially nailed his role of an outlaw forced to fight the damned aliens alongside… Well, I don’t want to spoil everything for ya. Finally, I want to commend Jon Favreau on sticking to his guns and refusing to shoot the movie using 3D technology.

Director: Jon Favreau

Writers: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof

Cast: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Abigail Spencer, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Clancy Brown

Fun Facts: The appearance of aliens in the movie was heavily influenced by the movies Predator and Alien.


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