This little gem is coming to us from Australia. Although they are known throughout the world with Crocodile Dundee, my year without sexMad Max and Ozploitation movies, this movie signifies other genres, neglected by mainstream movie fans. A family drama wrapped with subtle humor, but above all with a very realistic portrayal of life and hardships that people endure. I know it’s hard for some of us to overcome the initial thought of a drama movie, but trust me, this one’s worth it. Incredibly dense and always in character, My Year Without Sex also examines the modern relationship (or marriage), under fire from declining economy and distorted system of values. Not to mention the nature itself. It does all this with an upbeat attitude and sense of humor.

When Natalie suffers brain aneurism and survives, her husband and two children will have to struggle to try to maintain somewhat normal life. There are so many little things and events, both good and bad, that are presented in this movie that it deserves a second viewing just to see again all the layers of the story. Things that we encounter in our lives, rich friends, religion and other stuff are tackled in a very sound and reasonable way. Excellent acting in combination with an awesome script could not have failed, so there’s nothing left but to check out this hidden treasure from down under.

Director: Sarah Watt

Cast: Sacha Horler, Matt Day, Jonathan Segat, Portia Bradley, Roy Davies, Sonya Suares

Fun Stuff: Sarah Watt has said that after her first film Look Both Ways, she wanted to make a film “without a sex scene”


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