Directed by Antonia Bird (Face, Ravenous), Priest is a movie that questions the cannon of the Catholic church. This is something that I feel is totally unnecessary, since the whole thing is made up. However, some people take these things seriously. Exploring the relationship between the religion and sin, movie remains on the human side, without efforts to be one those boring preachy movies. This being said, the pacing is a bit slower, but this is a British drama so that’s to be expected.

Father Greg Pilkington has a secret, a very big secret. I am just gonna Priestleave you without the trailer for this one, because of want you to be surprised as I was when I first saw it. This a very controversial movie that deals with pedophilia, homosexuality and religion. It is very disturbing and intense, and the performances of the actors are incredible, you can see their emotions and it i s just beautiful to see a movie like this. It continues the tradition of British dark humor movies, so among all the serious stuff there will be a joke or two. This movie is definite must see, it is not that famous, but was ahead of its time, and maybe this is the reason why. Enjoy. Oh yeah, and you will have a chance to see Robert Carlyle in a different kind of role.

Director: Antonia Bird

Cast: Linus Roache, Tom Wilkinson, Robert Carlyle, Robert Pugh, James Ellis

Fun Facts: The Catholic Church in Ireland were very vocal about their views in having the film banned from theatrical distribution. The film censor disagreed and the film was released with an 18 certificate. This marked a major turning point in the relationship between the church and the Irish Film Censor board.


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