Black Death [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Black Death [2010]

Black Death is the fourth movie directed by Christopher Smith (Triangle, Severance, Creep and that’s it) and I have to admit that I loved every one. This time, with a bit more money he was able to make a movie about humanities first brush with bubonic plague. Although this is the main story, there are several layers to this movie and they are all pretty damn good. Love, religion, mystery, necromancy, superstition and honor are all present here, and I think that this blurred the focus of this otherwise great movie. Sean Bean plagued by Lord of The Rings role is simply brilliant, and he feels pretty much at home in this environment, as well as the other actors. The thing that they nailed is the atmosphere that’s really medieval. You can feel the squalor and filth and be not surprised at all that the plague took so many lives in Europe.

The bubonic plague is spreading through England and a group of soldiers led by Ulrich (Sean Bean) is sent to investigate rumors about a village that is untouched by it. Strange rumors, including necromancy, are spreading and this expedition will be joined by a troubled young priest Osmond in their quest to find out what is really going on in the village. But Osmond had ulterior motives for this journey, since he needs to meet with his love and this is his opportunity.  What they will find in the village, and what will become of Osmond and his love is up to you to find out. Enjoy…

Director: Christopher Smith

Cast: Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Carice van Houten, David Warner, Tim McInnerny, Tygo Gernandt

Fun Facts: John Lynch and Andy Nyman have previously worked on The Tournament (2009) together.


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