Season of the Witch [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Season of the Witch [2011]

This is the latest movie with hyperactive Nicolas Cage, and it was mildly entertaining. The story follows two knights who have killed for church their entire lives and then decided that after you kill a thousand infidels, it’s time to retire, or desert in their case. I liked that whole aspect of two weary soldiers, tired of pointless killing; it adds a interesting level of grittiness to the whole story. Eventually they get tangled up in a transport of a dangerous witch to a certain monastery to rid the village of the plague that the church thinks she’s responsible for. So, the two former knights and the rest of the willing men embark on this journey, many not aware of the cargo they are transporting and its power.

As for the script, it’s pretty mediocre and it lacks controversy and originality, and with the church, witches and knights they had a lot of things going for them. Again, I think that the studio forced the director in this direction to get a PR-13 rating, and more money, I mean come on, you are making a movie about witches and medieval life and you can’t show decent gore or nudity (not that that’s the essential component, but still) The movie makes up for that with decent performances of the actors and awesome special effects. There are not that many of them, but when they do appear they look pretty good. The camera work is also phenomenal, and I liked the unique approach of the director to this type of movie. Now, Cage again tried to steal the spotlight, and I think that he should play the role of uninterested, tired and grumpy soldier (Perlman took over that), so the whole thing seems a bit forced. In the conclusion, swimming in the sea of boring and dull movies, this one seems to be one of them that you can actually watch. Enjoy.

Director: Dominic Sena

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Stephen Graham, Claire Foy, Christopher Lee

Fun Facts: Spec script was written in 2000, and it took ten years to transform it into a movie


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