Rogue is another great horror flick coming to us from Australia. This time it is about a killer crocodile (they did not reference Crocodile Dundee, as they should have), a theme that has been explored in cinema from the early sixties. Other notable mentions involving crocs are: Lake Placid, Primeval, Alligator, Crocodile, Black Water…. Magnificent shots of nature and wildlife in combination with awesome music is just the part of the package with Rogue. Starring young Sam Worthington and Radha Mitchell, Rogue is solid movie all around. And if you’re a croc lover, you’re in for a treat. With creative camera-work and engaging pacing, it feels like a big blockbuster. And you haven’t read the best part yet: Rogue is actually loosely based on a real crocodile called Sweetheart! Although it wasn’t proven that Sweetheart killed anyone, this 5.1 metre saltwater crocodile attacked anything that resembled a boat for five fucking years, until it was caught in 1979.

A group of tourist take a tour on a river, to explore Australian nature. As they will find out, that nature sometimes can be hostile. Believable characters, good acting and excellent special effects add even more to the quality. Some scenes were pretty unexpected, and I liked that, it kept me guessing what’s gonna happen next. Coming from a director (Greg Mclean) of Wolf Creek, we can only look forward to the release of Red Hill, his next movie. Enjoy.

Director: Greg Mclean

Cast: Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington, Mia Wasikowska, Stephen Curry

Fun Stuff: The croc’s lair was constructed and shot in a warehouse in Maidstone (Melbourne Victoria Australia) which was the same site for much of internal barn shots in Charlottes Web (2006). With story set in the rugged Northern Territory and much of the shooting done there also many would be surprised to learn that many of the “island” shots were done in a man made lake in country Victoria. The art department and the greens department being responsible for making the rocks and trees resemble those in the Territory.


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