This is the latest of the so called “animal movies”, and so far we did not have the pleasure of seeing owls in such a prominent role. I think that they will be depleting the list of cute animals pretty soon, although they can always switch to the weird ones and spin them (Sid, The Sloth from Ice Age). Director Zack Snyder started his career with a very successful remake of the classic Dawn of the Dead, and after that he gained enough suction to direct bigger projects (300, Watchmen) and this is his latest wonder. Unlike other movies this one is computer animated (although I guess that 300 was test of his skills in this field) and it seems to be more benign than his other works.

Based on a best-selling book, which provided excellent material, the only question that remained was in which direction should the movie go. And this is where Zack showed his talent, creating a 300-like movie with owls. They are strong and gritty, with shiny armors and weapons, but underneath all that there is a very emotional story that touches the hearts of the viewers, making them, ultimately, relate with the characters (because we all know what it’s like to be a young owl). Soren is a young owl, fascinated with stories of the Guardians (sort of elite owls), who spends his days pretty much shielded from the rest of the world. But when he is kidnapped by the Pure Ones (evil elite owls) he will have to face the world with all its problems. The animation is perfect, and I expected nothing less from a 80.000.000 $ budget, and all the other elements fall in beautifully into an exciting and thrilling masterpiece. This is a movie that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults, so check it…

Director: Zack Snyder

Cast: Anthony LaPaglia, Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, Helen Mirren

Fun Facts: Zack Snyder’s first non-R rated film


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