It seems that the torture and rape is all that man can think of when it comes women, and in that tradition The Woman continues with this vibe. Many will say that this movie is feminist and untrue, but I think that those accusations are false. I am sure that many men would do exactly the same thing as our hero in this flick. Coming to us from Lucky McKee, director of May (2002), another fucked up and weird movie featuring women in a leading role, The Women is much more serious and visceral experience, it reminded me of DeadGirl and An American Crime. Strangely, movie visually looks really good, so don’t expect some straight to DVD crap. Plus, Pollyanna McIntosh looks really hot, even as a filthy feral girl and btw she had almost the same role in Offspring (2009), I guess she’s good at it. The fucked up element of this movie is that this could, would, was and is happening all over the world (personally, I blame religion).

Chris Cleek is a successful country lawyer in a small community where everybody respects him and where he lives with his family in an idyllic house. One day, while hunting, Chris will stumble upon a feral woman, trying to survive in the woods on her own. He captures her and brings her home in an attempt to “civilize” and “domesticate” her along with his “willing” family. Soon we will discover that not everything is so perfect about the Cleek family, and that in fact some things are so fucked up that they will lead to some disastrous consequences.

Director: Lucky McKee

Cast: Carlee Baker, Marcia Bennett, Sean Bridgers, Pollyanna McIntosh, Frank Olsen

Fun facts: Chris Cleek repeatedly uses the word “anophthalmia” in reference to one of his daughters. Unilateral anophthalmia is the congenital absence of one eye, and bilateral anophthalmia is the congenital absence of both eyes.


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