Here’s the newest addition to our section movies so bad that they are good,  and oh boy is this movie bad. I just could not stop laughing right up to the end of this glorious cinematic achievment. I mean really, a monster with a garbage bag cape, that rides different horses from time to time (well, I guess he’s got a whole stable stashed somewhere in the forest) is on murdering rampage because they disturbed an Indian burial grounds using his Predator vision goggles. And the monsters name is not Skeleton Man or Spirit of the Forest but Cotton Mouth Joe, well with a name like that, he is definitely one scary motherfucker. Fucking Cotton Mouth Joe! The only thing that can stop him is a special Delta Force unit that looks like a bunch of lost campers. This elite unit Skeleton Man [2004] Movie Review Recommendation Posterconsists of one fat guy, one old guy, one Casper van Dien, one Micheal Rooker and some attractive females.

The opening scene is very powerful and continues to the scene where some guy is trying to shoot Joe with shotgun that looks like toy shotgun with a lighter inside. The leader (Captain Leary) of the unit wears a colorful backpack that looks like something from toy shop, and likes to look at the trees. Casper Van Dien in a middle of a mission hijacks a truck, wrecks it, and then leaves. I guess he got bored. Later on Joe shoots down a helicopter with an arrow, and continues to slaughter everyone, until he comes to his archenemy, a chemical plant that he must destroy. And what are the random eagle shots, he is half eagle, half skeleton monster… And then he attacks a guy fishing from a waterfall, I guess that’s a good way to catch some fish, fishing from waterfalls. The rest of the great stuff is up to you to discover, and believe me there is more, every scene is a gem…

Director: Johnny Martin

Cast: Casper Van Dien, Michael Rooker, Robert Miano, Sarah Ann Schultz, Eric Etebari

Fun Facts: In Germany the movie is tagged as a comedy-film and not as a horror-film. The advertising slogan on the DVD-Package announces “Here lives the spirit of Ed Wood”. And I have to use this one: This film was originally entitled “Cotton Mouth Joe”.

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