Gold 2022 Movie Scene Zac Efron as Virgil looking at the wild dogs circling him

Gold [2022]

I find post-apocalyptic movies oddly relaxing and captivating. Especially if they’re done right. The setting has to be believable, the atmosphere realistic and the dialogue intelligent. Equal parts post-apocalyptic and survival movie, Gold is an immersive experience I truly enjoyed. I knew it was going to be a good movie as soon as I heard that sparse and authentic dialogue. I knew I could escape into this sun-scorched world and forget about anything outside of it for ninety minutes. We will be following our unknown hero on his journey to the mysterious compound. A place that promises food and shelter in exchange for hard labor.

All those days spent wandering the wasteland in Fallout video games came rushing back within the first five minutes of the movie. Although since Gold is an Australian movie, perhaps Borderlands would be a much better fit. Especially that song Skag Gully High Action despite the obvious lack of action here. So, if you’re expecting shootouts or chase scenes, you will be disappointed. This isn’t Mad Max: Fury Road, that’s for sure. What you can expect is a gritty story of greed, luck, perseverance, and human nature. This is quite a minimalist movie as we will spend most of it following just one guy played by Zac Efron. 

Ever since I saw him in Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile, I started to appreciate him more as an actor. I went through a similar journey with Kristen Stewart. Zac was excellent here in what must have been a grueling shoot. And I’m not just talking about the heat but also all the flies and bugs. They made Gold look and feel authentic along with that terrifying sandstorm. Director Anthony Hayes proved that you can make a good movie and star in it. He plays the role of a mysterious driver here. 

We find our unnamed hero on a train, just arriving at a remote outpost in the middle of nowhere. Tired, scruffy, and desperate, he hopes that he can reach The Compound in the next few days. This is a place that takes people like him and uses them in exchange for food and shelter. To get there, he hires a driver but the road there will prove to be treacherous.

Gold offers nothing new in terms of the story. It explores the same themes as many movies before and comes to the same conclusions. Towards the end, it overplays its hand a bit but still finishes on a high note. It’s a decent distraction for the fans of this type of setting. Especially since there are so few real science fiction movies these days. Marvel movies have sucked up all the air in the genre. In the end, Gold is not a movie for everybody. However, if you’re looking for something visceral and immersive, you will like it.

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Director: Anthony Hayes

Writers: Anthony Hayes, Polly Smyth

Cast: Zac Efron, Anthony Hayes, Susie Porter

Fun Facts: The snake is a Bandy-bandy.


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