This movie is something that you would usually see on the cable TV in some sleazy motel, but it deserves much better screening places than that (what’s wrong with sleazy motels?). It manages to be very amusing and entertaining, although the main story sounds kind of boring. We get interested in the characters and their faiths and for that to happen, the writers had to work their asses off. Fast paced and with a vibrant atmosphere, The Runner is also a great character study, especially if you are or know someone who likes to gamble. I have witnessed and made some pretty dumb bets and a couple of times I felt that slipping feeling when you know you’re going to end up in a hole. One more interesting fact is that the writer of this movie Dustin Abraham after this movie wrote How High (also an excellent flick, but with a much different subject).

Edward is a compulsive gambler and he just cannot restrain himself from gambling, even when working for a very dangerous professional gambler Deepthroat (interesting nickname). But then Edward is going to make a mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life. After receiving money from Deepthroat for a bet, he will try to double it betting on a race, and well you can already predict how is that gonna go. Soon he will learn that he fucked with a wrong man, and that it is his turn now to get fucked, fucked deep… Great cast with phenomenal John Goodman as Deepthroat is going to suck you in and the script will do the rest. Enjoy.

Director: Ron Moler

Cast: Ron Eldard, Courteney Cox, John Goodman, Joe Mantegna, Bokeem Woodbine, Terrence Evans

Fun Stuff: Movie is sold like some crappy 0.00 bin flick.


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