Dead Ant 2017 Movie Scene Jake Busey as Merrick and Rhys Coiro as Pager playing rock to kill the giant ants attacking them

Dead Ant [2017]

There’s a reason why you haven’t heard about this movie so far. Dead Ant is a cheesy, dumb, and flawed horror comedy still worth watching for the fans of the genre. We’ve got giant killer ants, a bit of nudity, and a whole lot of rock and roll, what else to want from a shlocky B movie? Just take your brain on the vacation, crack open a few tinnies (Australian slang for cheap beer), light up a few joints and you’ll have a good time. Especially if you go into Dead Ant with low expectations. We will be following a fading rock band who accidentally stumble upon a lair of giant ants, deep in the desert.

The opening sequence is a fucking work of art featuring an attractive young lady slowly losing her clothes while running away from a giant ant. The special effects are just a notch above the SyFy Sharknado standards. They were not ashamed of their cheesy CGI ants but used them to push the whole movie over the top. On the other hand, the cinematography was excellent and I loved the fact that most of the movie takes place during the day. The script was quite good with some jokes working really well. I mean, we really got two movies for the price of one here.

Not only this is a creature feature but also a rock parody. It’s a bit late to the game but since all those old rock bands are reuniting for big festivals right now, it also might be just in time. Actually, the entire reason why they were in the desert in the first place was to find some mushrooms. To find some mushrooms, trip out, and reinvent themselves just in time to perform at Coachella. And you can guess that’s going to go. It takes balls to make a movie like this, without any superheroes or a lot of money. Sure, the direction, writing and pretty much everything else could’ve been better but at least they’re trying.

They’re trying and having fun at the same time. And that’s what I recommend you do as well. In the lead role, we have none other than Gary Busey’s son, Jake whom you might remember from Starship Troopers. Now, I don’t particularly like Tom Arnold but he was really funny here as the sleazy manager. The list of familiar faces doesn’t stop there as we also have Sean Austin (Goonies, The Lord of the Rings). Finally, to spice things up, Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria also makes an appearance. Dead Ant is a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s more of a comedy than a horror featuring just a few graphic scenes. And one hell of a song, Side Boob, that will soon find its way to your party playlist. Actually, the whole movie feels like one big party and it’s got that party atmosphere. Add to this giant ants and you can see why Dead Ant is one of the higher-ranked entries on our list of Movies About Ants. Since the story takes place in the desert, you might want to check out It Came From The Desert. It’s another horror comedy featuring giant killer ants. 

Finally, if ants aren’t really your cup of tea, Zombeavers are waiting for you! This 2014 horror comedy where beavers turn into zombies also stars Cortney Palm. Courtney is the girl you saw during that memorable opening scene. Originally, director Ron Carlson wanted her to run in her bikini. However, Courtney thought that the scene would be more effective if she kept throwing her clothes at the giant ant. And I think she fucking nailed it.

Director: Ron Carlson

Writers: Hank Braxtan, Ron Carlson, Dan Sinclair

Cast: Jake Busey, Rhys Coiro, Tom Arnold, Leisha Hailey, Sydney Sweeney, Sean Astin, Cameron Richardson

Fun Facts: The songs performed by Sonic Grave, the band in the movie Dead Ant, actualy belong to the real-life 80s rock band Kix.


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