Focus 2015 Movie Scene Will Smith as Nicky and Margot Robbie as Jess betting huge amounts of money

Focus [2015]

Just flashy and entertaining enough to warrant a viewing, Focus is a decent con artist/heist movie with a lot of humor. And Margot Robbie.
Waking Ned Devine 1998 Movie Scene Ian Bannen as Jackie O'Shea and David Kelly as Michael O'Sullivan drinking beer in a pub

Waking Ned Devine [1998]

Featuring likable and colorful characters, Waking Ned Devine is a heartwarming comedy with an edgy script and great cast.
Now You See Me [2013] Movie Jesse Eisenberg holding a deck of cards scene

Now You See Me [2013]

An entertaining and visually stunning movie filled with very famous and great actors but without any lasting value. Pretty good for one viewing.
Pain & Gain [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Pain & Gain [2013]

Although the genre that I selected for this movie is comedy, there are a lot of things in Pain & Gain that are not funny, not funny at all (but...
Identity Thief [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Identity Thief [2013]

Meet Jason Bateman, the new Average Joe (well, I guess more accurate title would be Average Upper-Middle-Class Joe). He has perfected his role of a...
Thin Ice [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Thin Ice [2011]

What I thought is going to be a black humor comedy with a twist turned out to be something much more. First of all, as many movies before, almost the...
Criminal [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

Criminal [2004]

Here's another movie for all you texas holdem, gambling, cheating sons of bitches. It is interesting to see John C. Reilly in another conman movie...
Confidence 2003 Movie Edward Burns lighting a cigarette for Rachel Weisz

Confidence [2003]

As a very stylish and well-written con artist movie, Confidence does exactly that and steals your attention for ninety minutes.
Matchstick Men [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Matchstick Men [2003]

Directed by Ridley Scott this movie is an entertaining hour and half of great cinematography. He did not get tangled up in classical mistakes that...