Innocent Blood 1992 Movie Scene Nurse holding a severed arm that's burning up and screaming

Innocent Blood [1992]

I bet you never saw a movie that combined vampires and the Italian mafia into one darkly humorous and entertaining mixture sprinkled with nudity and gore.

Vault [2019]

Featuring appealing visuals and an incredible story, Vault is a mediocre heist movie with a couple of redeeming qualities that make it worth watching.
Gangster Squad [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Gangster Squad [2013]

Style is everything, and Gangster Squad has everything. Rarely do you see post-processing effects make such a huge difference, mostly because all of...
Pawn [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Pawn [2013]

Pawn. Pawn is the reason why I watch too many boring or just plain bad movies. Out of every 20 bad movies there is one, just one, as awesome as this one.
Pusher 1996 Movie Scene Kim Bodnia as Frank and Mads Mikkelsen as Tonny walking down the street after a drug deal

Pusher [1996]

Did you ever wonder what it's like being a small-time drug dealer in Copenhagen in the nineties? Visceral and gritty, Pusher takes you there.
The Crew [2000] Movie Review Recommendation

The Crew [2000]

This comedy went down in history as the one of the biggest losers of the year 2000. Too similar with the Space Cowboys released the same year, and...
Kill The Irishman 2011 Movie Scene Ray Stevenson as Danny Greene holding a gun

Kill the Irishman [2011]

Extremely underrated, Kill the Irishman is an engaging crime/mafia movie based on a larger-than-life true story with an impressive cast.
Un prophète AKA A Prophet [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Un prophète AKA A Prophet [2009]

Another great movie coming from Europe, this time France, A Prophet will gain its cult status in the decades to follow. It is very disturbing and I...
A History of Violence [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

A History of Violence [2005]

You might think that this is just another thriller starring Viggo, Ed, William and Maria, but A History of Violence is a much more interesting flick....