No Man of God 2021 Movie Scene Luke Kirby as Ted Bundy during the interview with Bill Hagmaier

No Man of God [2021]

For all of us true crime fans, No Man of God feels like serial killer porn, exploring Ted Bundy's last years in prison and his motivations.
Against The Wall 1994 Movie Scene Kyle MacLachlan as Michael Smith after he sprayed an inmate talking to Frederic Forrest as Weisbad

Against The Wall [1994]

Based on fascinating true events, Against The Wall is an incredibly well-crafted and thought-provoking prison movie with relentless pacing.
Child 44 Movie Scene Tom Hardy as Leo Demidov and Fares Fares as Alexei in their Soviet uniforms

Child 44 [2015]

Messy and bland, Child 44 is also a visually impressive period drama with a great cast exploring intriguing themes that warrants one viewing.
Against the Ice 2022 Movie Scene Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Ejnar Mikkelsen and Joe Cole as Iver Iversen posing for a photo before they set off

Against the Ice [2022]

Based on true events, Against the Ice is a light period drama following a two-man expedition into the bitter coldness of Greenland.
House of Gucci 2021 Movie Scene Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci drinking espresso and smoking in a coffee shop

House of Gucci [2021]

Silly, easygoing, and struggling to maintain a consistent tone, House of Gucci is a stylish melodrama with a couple of unexpected twists.
The Kingdom 2007 Movie Scene Two men looking at the city with binoculars

The Kingdom [2007]

Based on real events, The Kingdom is an intense and exotic thriller following a group of investigators sent to Saudi Arabia after an attack.
Cass 2008 Movie Scene Nonso Anozie as Cass, Gavin Brocker as Prentice and Leo Gregory as Freeman along with the rest of the ICF going into a fight

Cass [2008]

Based on an incredible true story, Cass is an engaging and gritty thriller about the first black leader of a football hooligan group.
Spun 2002 Movie Scene Jason Schwartzman as Ross, Brittany Murphy as Nikki and Mena Suvari as Cookie waiting to get high at Spider Mike's place

Spun [2002]

Spun is a complex and yet incredibly easy-to-watch technical masterpiece unfolding at breakneck speed that will blow you the fuck away.
The Damned United 2009 Movie Scene Michael Sheen as Brian Clough at a game with banners behind asking for him to leave

The Damned United [2009]

If you've never seen a movie about football, The Damned United is a perfect choice because it shows you what the fuss is all about.
Driven 2018 Movie Scene Jason Sudeikis as Jim and Lee Pace as John DeLorean getting their tan on

Driven [2018]

Based on a bizarre true story involving criminals, cocaine, FBI, informants, and fucking DeLoreans, Driven is a vibrant and fast-paced comedy.
The Last Duel 2021 Movie Scene Matt Damon as Jean de Carrouges in full armor on his horse shaking hands with Adam Driver as Jacques Le Gris

The Last Duel [2021]

Immersive and thought-provoking, The Last Duel shows us a slice of medieval life examined through the lens of one horrible event.
Experimenter 2015 Movie Scene Jim Gaffigan as James McDonough and Anthony Edwards as Miller participating in the experiment

Experimenter [2015]

Did you ever wonder why some people are more obedient? Experimenter follows real and fascinating research of this issue conducted at Yale.