I have to start this review by mentioning the almighty Roger Ebert and his review of London in which he really trashed it. He ended it with a question how can a man snort that much coke and drink that much alcohol and still be talking. I don’t know if he had any contact with drugs but if you listen to people who managed to get clean, they tell these stories where they are consuming amounts of alcohol and cocaine that would kill a room full of people and let alone one person and these stories are pretty consistent, meaning the same thing is happening in USA, UK, Russia and other countries. He basically saw this movie as two junkies rambling for some time about some nonsense theories and love, without anything to offer. Actually, this is what London is offering: a peek into the life of these people and there are lot of them out there. Now, this is where the problems start for me, because it’s one thing to present their lives and completely another to somehow make them insighful. They are not insightful when it comes to the general vibe of the things, they are insightful just for those characters. I feel that they wanted to create this complex world that doesn’t exist, but then again, could we perhaps use this as another loop in this movie and look at the way it’s made as something that ties into the general story. But I digress, lets get back to our usual structure.

Directed by relatively unknown Hunter Richards,




Now here`s Jason Statham with hair and some fucked up story, and just that is enough of incentive to see this movie. Lots of interesting discussions about religion, sex, love, drugs and everything else interesting. Yes, there’s a crappy classic love story in the background, but luckily it stays there. Not so many action in the movie, but that’s ok, that would just draw attention from the awesome script. It questions almost everything, and it has a progressive view of the reality and the overall human behavior, so typical for discussions among people on drugs 😀 Definitely recommended. Enjoy.

Director: Hunter Richards

Cast: Chris Evans, Jessica Biel, Jason Statham, Joy Bryant

Fun Stuff: Dane Cook, the actor that plays George, actually uses some of the lines from his stand up comedy show in the film.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0449061/

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