The Last Victim 2021 Movie Scene Ralph Ineson as Jake emptying his revolver with Kyle Schmid as Bull and Paul Belsito as Snoopy standing next to him

The Last Victim [2021]

Giving off strong True Detective vibes, The Last Victim is a highly immersive, intelligent, and thought-provoking neo-noir thriller.
Ong Bak 2003 Movie Scene Tony Jaa as Ting with his hands wrapped in rope up to his elbows, a trademark of Muay Korat

Ong Bak [2003]

Featuring incredibly choreographed fighting scenes, Ong Bak is an exotic, entertaining, and exquisite martial arts movie starring Tony Jaa.
The Polka King 2017 Movie Scene Jack Black as Jan Lewan and Jason Schwartzman as Mickey Pizzazz waiting to meet pope at the Vatican

The Polka King [2017]

Based on a fascinating true story, The Polka King might be a bit messy but it comes straight from the heart starring charming Jack Black.
Weirdsville 2007 Movie Scene Scott Speedman as Dexter and Wes Bentley as Royce as two drug addicts who just broke into a house

Weirdsville [2007]

Satanic rituals, murder, theft, drugs, and a whole bunch of weird characters await you in Weirdsville, a charming little black comedy.
The Hot Spot 1990 Movie Scene Don Johnson as Harry Madox wearing a white sleeveless shirt at the car lot with Jennifer Connelly as Gloria smoking a cigarette in the background

The Hot Spot [1990]

The Hot Spot is a sweaty, sleazy, and sexually-charged Southern neo-noir thriller with a phenomenal cast and immersive atmosphere.
Last Seen Alive 2022 Movie Scene Gerard Butler as Will Spann getting ready to hit a man

Last Seen Alive [2022]

Last Seen Alive is one of those forgettable but still very effective thrillers unfolding in real-time and perfect for killing 90 minutes.
Femme Fatale 2002 Movie Scene Rebecca Romijn as Laure dancing on a pool table wearing black underwear and high heel boots

Femme Fatale [2002]

Stylish and visually appealing, Femme Fatale is equal parts erotic and psychological thriller with a twisting story and sexy Rebecca Romijn.
The Valet 2022 Movie Scene Eugenio Derbez as Antonio Flores and Samara Weaving as Olivia Allan at the premiere of her new movie

The Valet [2022]

Surprisingly entertaining and funny, The Valet is a charming albeit formulaic romantic comedy that will leave you in a good mood.
Howl 2015 Movie Scene Holly Weston as Ellen and Ed Speleers as Joe looking at the monsters

Howl [2015]

Who knew that trains and werewolves are such a good combination? Howl, an effective and engaging British indie horror, that's who!
Broken Arrow 1996 Movie Scene John Travolta as Vic and Howie Long as Kelly discussing their evil plans

Broken Arrow [1996]

Featuring incredible stunts, an exciting story, and a lot of action, Broken Arrow is an entertaining guilty pleasure that just works.