Shakma 1990 Movie Jaws of a killer baboon open dripping with blood as Amanda Wyss is standing in the hallway

Shakma [1990]

Shakma would be just another cheesy B movie slasher from the eighties if it were not for its main star, a killer baboon who will scare the shit out of you!
The Gentlemen 2019 Movie Review Charlie Hunnam as Ray and Colin Farrell as Coach looking at trunk of a car

The Gentlemen [2019]

This latest Guy Ritchie British crime movie is not a return to his best but it's still a damn fine movie. Especially when you consider the cast and the story.
Cold Comes The Night 2013 Movie Alice Eve and Bryan Cranston

Cold Comes The Night [2013]

Perfect for one viewing, Cold Comes The Night is a neo-noir crime thriller in the vein of the Coen brothers movies starring Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve.
Breaking Surface 2020 Movie Moa Gammel lighting a flare to signal a plane flying over her

Breaking Surface [2020]

Fast-paced and intense, Breaking Surface is a high-concept thriller unfolding in real-time and following two sisters who get in trouble during a dive.

Crawl [2019]

Fast-paced, happening in real-time, and taking place during a hurricane, Crawl is one of those mindlessly entertaining movies. But with alligators.
Moon 44 1990 Movie Giant transport vessel or spaceship getting close to the blue moon

Moon 44 [1990]

Incredibly immersive with a fully-fleshed out world, Moon 44 is an eighties science-fiction extravaganza that needed a stronger plot.
Boar 2017 Movie John Jarratt and Roger Ward with a rifle aiming at the monster boar scene

Boar [2017]

A flawed but entertaining horror-comedy about a giant boar killing people in the Australian outback with familiar Aussie actors and decent special effects.
Unhinged 2020 Movie Russell Crowe pointing his finger instructing Caren Pistorius to roll her windows down

Unhinged [2020]

Familiar and surprisingly violent, Unhinged is an entertaining and fast-paced thriller about what might happen to you if you honk at the wrong guy.
Stranded 2001 Movie Maria de Medeiros in spacesuit walking on the surface of Mars

Stranded [2001]

Very atmospheric and immersive, Stranded is an underrated and visually impressive Spanish science fiction movie about the first manned mission to Mars.
Alien Cargo 1999 Hibernation chambers for hyper sleep onboard the spaceship SSS17

Alien Cargo [1999]

If you're looking for those underrated science fiction movies, look no further than Alien Cargo that plays like your favorite episode of Star Trek.
Edmond 2005 Movie William H. Macy at the dinner table thinking

Edmond [2005]

Authentic and very engaging, Edmond explores masculinity, sex, and racism through the lens of a soon to be unraveled mind of Average Joe.