Wyrmwood 2014 Movie Getting ready to fight zombies

Wyrmwood [2014]

Australian horror/comedy done right! Wyrmwood offers phenomenal action, engaging story and very entertaining atmosphere, a perfect zombie comedy!
The Shallows 2016 Blake Lively surfing

The Shallows [2016]

Minimalistic horror/thriller featuring one hot Blake Lively and one hell of a looking shark is an effective addition to a shark movie sub-genre.

Baskin [2015]

This Turkish horror movie in a vein of Hellraiser will give you nightmares. Featuring a gritty atmosphere along with great special effects, it's a must-see.
Thor Heyerdahl and his friends leaving from Peru on their expedition to find Polynesian islands

Kon-Tiki [2012]

A heart-warming adventure movie based on true events that will make you rediscover your inner explorer and binge all other adventure movies out there!
Sunshine 2007 Movie, the crew of spaceship Icarus II

Sunshine [2007]

As one of the best science fiction movies of the decade, Sunshine is a very accurate and thrilling story about a dying sun and humanities efforts to save it
In the Heart of the Sea [2015] Whaling ship Essex

In the Heart of the Sea [2015]

Sea epic based on true events that served as an inspiration for the novel Moby Dick. Follows the whaling ship Essex and its sinking by a giant white whale.

The Cloverfield Paradox [2018]

Looking and feeling extremely familiar, this science fiction thriller is a pretty solid watch. Coming to us from Oren Uziel, the guy who rebooted Mortal Kombat movies and written scripts for several decent...

Ghost Stories [2017]

Based on a stage play of the same name, this is one strange but frightening movie. When I first started watching it, I actually got really scared during the first story and simply turned off the movie. And I...

Arctic [2018]

After disappointing Polar , another Netflix blunder, I was really anxious to see Arctic, with both movies starring none other than one of the modern greats Mads Mikkelsen. In case you're not familiar with his...

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Sometimes you just need to relax and watch something without much thought. This is that kind of movie, filled with a lot of action and humor while firmly remaining R rated and without much pandering to the...

Dragged Across Concrete [2018]

Craig Zahler does it again! This clickbait title should be plastered all over the web right now. Craig first amazed us with his debut horror The Bone Tomahawk and continued his style of uncompromising,...

Overlord [2018]

It was about fucking time... I remember that day and that feeling like it was yesterday. It was the year of our Lord Satan 2015 and I was sitting in a theater watching the first few minutes of Mad Max: Fury...
Bullitt County 2018 movie thriller review

Bullitt County [2018]

Directed and written by David McCracken, Bullitt County is an independent movie that really surprised me. Actually, surprises just kept coming and almost all of them were quite positive. You can immediately...
Running Man [1987] Movie Review Recommendation

Running Man [1987]

I remember watching this movie throughout my entire life, first as a kid, later as a teenager and now finally as a grown man (yeah right). Each time I found something so exciting and interesting about it, that...