Revolt 2017 Movie Scene Giant alien robot attacking the rebels

Revolt [2017]

Visually impressive, Revolt is a competently done albeit formulaic alien invasion movie elevated by ethereal Lee Pace and exotic African sets.
Sliver 1993 Movie Scene Sharon Stone as Carly Norris holding wine glasses at a party

Sliver [1993]

Desperately trying to be hip, Sliver is an erotic thriller that sometimes comes off as a comedy anchored by the one and only Sharon Stone.
Angel Heart 1987 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel lighting a cigarette with a match

Angel Heart [1987]

Dark and brooding, Angel Heart is an engaging noir thriller with an occult edge driven by a powerful performance by Mickey Rourke.
Narc 2002 Movie Scene Ray Liotta as Henry Oak holding a tape recorder in a chop shop

Narc [2002]

Narc is a classic example of a gritty police thriller done right featuring a phenomenal cast, dark atmosphere, and quite a story to tell.
Cass 2008 Movie Scene Nonso Anozie as Cass, Gavin Brocker as Prentice and Leo Gregory as Freeman along with the rest of the ICF going into a fight

Cass [2008]

Based on an incredible true story, Cass is an engaging and gritty thriller about the first black leader of a football hooligan group.
Erik The Viking 1989 Movie Scene Tim Robbins as Erik and the rest of the Vikings landing on Hy-Brasil for the first time

Erik the Viking [1989]

Intelligent, witty, and even educational, Erik the Viking is one of those timeless and feel-good fantasy comedies you can watch anytime.
Redirected 2014 Movie Scene Two paramedics burying a guy

Redirected [2014]

Featuring all kinds of bizarre and crazy situations, Redirected is a British crime thriller with a lot of humor and quite an original story.
Mosquito 1995 Movie Scene Rachel Loiselle as Megan poking a dead giant mosquito with a stick

Mosquito [1995]

Cheesy, unpretentious, and with effective practical effects, Mosquito is a fun little B movie about, you guessed it, an invasion of giant mosquitos.
Life 2017 Movie Scene An astronaut closing the hatch outside the space station as Calvin, an alien creature with tentacles envelopes it

Life [2017]

Featuring a believable and frightening story with Lovecraftian motives, Life is a visually impressive homage to Alien you must check out.
Murder Party 2007 Movie Scene Chris Sharp as Christopher Hawley riding the subway in his knight costume

Murder Party [2007]

Refreshing, emotional, and above all well-written, Murder Party is one of those hilarious horror comedies you simply have to check out.
Two Hands 1999 Movie Scene Heath Ledger as Jimmy talking to Rose Byrne as Alex

Two Hands [1999]

Powered by strong performances, sleek visuals, and an entertaining story, Two Hands is a fun crime comedy full of bizarre Aussie characters.
The Advent Calendar AKA Le Calendrier 2021 Movie Scene Eugénie Derouand as Eva covered in blood and holding a knife

The Advent Calendar AKA Le Calendrier [2021]

Christmas horror movies are a thing and The Advent Calendar is the latest entry in this genre. It's quite refreshing and aesthetically pleasing although it does suffer from certain storytelling issues. We...