Great White 2021 Movie Scene Kimie Tsukakoshi as Michelle in a life raft with a shark jumping out of the water next to her

Great White [2021]

Sometimes you just want to turn off your brain and watch something predictable, visually appealing, and featuring a huge shark. Great White is that thing.
Outland 1981 Movie Scene Sean Connery talking to Frances Sternhagen

Outland [1981]

Are you tired of your life on Earth and are looking for something new and exciting? I give you Outland, space western set on the moon Io and starring Sean Connery.
Shimmer Lake 2017 Movie Scene 15 Rainn Wilson as Andy Sikes holding a gun

Shimmer Lake [2017]

Telling its story backward, Shimmer Lake is an effective small-town crime thriller about a botched heist with a smart script and a lot of dark humor.
Earthquake Bird 2019 Movie Alicia Vikander as Lucy Fly holding a bonsai tree

Earthquake Bird [2019]

As an incredibly immersive character study, Earthquake Bird is a different kind of romance movie driven by Alicia Vikander's committed performance.
71 2014 Movie Scene Jack O'Connell as Gary Hook hiding in the toilet

’71 [2014]

Suspenseful and unpredictable, '71 follows a soldier lost and pursued in the wrong part of Belfast at the height of the Northern Ireland conflict.

The Night Comes For Us [2018]

Blood will be squirting, bones will be breaking and bullets will be flying in The Night Comes For Us, a gory martial arts action movie in the vein of The Raid.

Infini [2015]

Drawing inspiration from a lot of classics, Infini is a solid and visually appealing retro science fiction movie about an incident on a remote mining outpost.
Trespass 1992 Movie Scene Bill Paxton and William Sadler finding the gold in the building

Trespass [1992]

Gritty and action-packed, Trespass is an effective thriller unfolding in real-time and set in one location where greedy men will fight for cursed gold.
Night Owls 2015 Movie Adam Pally as Kevin and Rosa Salazar as Madeline drinking wine

Night Owls [2015]

Refreshing and charming, Night Owls is a romantic comedy with a twist. Unfolding throughout one night, it follows a one-night stand gone wrong. Or right?
Confession 2020 Movie Scene Gary C. Stillman as Jared Lamb and Queena DeLany as Reina Herrera questioning Gavin Lyall as Dean McCallum

Confession [2020]

Exploring religion, morality, and the reality of the world we live in, Confession is an ambitious thriller with engaging dialogue and too much exposition.
Lucky Day 2019 Movie Scene Crispin Glover as Luc and Tomer Sisley as Jean-Jacques looking at weapons at the roof of the bar

Lucky Day [2019]

All I need to tell you about Lucky Day is that it was written by the same guy who wrote Pulp Fiction, Roger Avary. With a dark sense of humor and brutal action, this is one of those entertaining comedies with...
Kill Command 2016 Movie Scene Vanessa Kirby as Mills looking at a giant SAR killer robot

Kill Command [2016]

Visually stunning and entertaining, Kill Command follows a group of soldiers hunted by frighteningly realistic killer robots on a deserted island.
One False Move 1992 Movie Scene Billy Bob Thornton as Ray holding lighter fluid and threatening to burn the girl

One False Move [1992]

Mounting tension like a motherfucker, One False Move is a gripping thriller with a Southern taste. The story is unpredictable and so are the characters.