Razorback 1984 Movie Giant boar watches a man who fled to the top of the windmill scene

Razorback [1984]

Although this is a movie about a giant boar, it also explores a lot of other issues like hunting, meatpacking industry and poverty in the Australian outback
Lucy [2014] Movie Scarlett Johansson holding two guns and walking down the hallway scene

Lucy [2014]

A fun and entertaining take on superhero movies. Silly science, great action sequences, Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, what more to want?

Return to Paradise [1998]

If you told me twenty years ago that I would be rating 10 a movie starring Vince Vaughn, Ann Heche and Joaquim Phoenix, I would call you a liar. Vince was douchbaggy, Ann too bland and I didn't even know who...
12 Angry Men Movie Review Recommendation

12 Angry Men [1957]

If you like courtroom dramas and crime movies check out 12 Angry Men. It is flawlessly written and acted, but more importantly still very current.

Jungle [2017]

Based on true events, Jungle is a mixture of an adventure and survival movie, much like The Edge or The Revenant with great cinematography and acting.

Dark Tide [2012]

Dark Tide is a flawed shark movie with amazing underwater footage and a wobbly script that failed to deliver an engaging atmosphere. Saved by Halle Berry and authentic shark footage it's still worth watching.

Prisoners [2013]

A slow-burn thriller with great visuals, a heavy atmosphere, an intriguing who-done-it story, and finally powerful performances from ensemble cast.

Tolkien [2019]

Witness me, brothers! Mediocre! Not until recently have I realized that Nicholas Hoult, who's starring in this biopic about J.R.R. Tolkien and Ed Skrein (the OG Daario Naharis from GoT) are two different...

The Reef [2010]

Based on true events, this shark movie with an incredibly intense atmosphere and great underwater scenes is one of the best in this sub-genre

The Hallow [2015]

Realistic and intense, this Irish horror may be using a formula that we have seen before but it makes up for it with eerie atmosphere and gory visuals.

The Meg [2018]

This entertaining and visually stunning commercial shark movie starring Jason Statham and Bingbing Li is a worthy successor of Deep Blue Sea
Instant Family 2018 Movie Mark Wahlberg as Pete and Rose Byrne as Ellie dinner scene

Instant Family [2018]

Heart-warming comedy with great performances based on the director's own experiences after he and his wife decided to adopt three kids.
Cemetery Junction 2010 Movie Tom Hughes as Bruce Pearson and Felicity Jones as Julie running away scene

Cemetery Junction [2010]

Written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, this coming-of-age tale set during the 70s successfully mixed drama and comedy.