Based on the original movie from 1958, this eighties remake is great. Actually there is a new The Blob project, and Rob Zombie was slated to direct this new version, but he backed out (I think that it would suck). The budget was pretty big, considering the genre and year, so the special effects still look really good, without any CGI and all that crap. And what is different here from the older version is that the Blob is pretty scary. Actually when you just try to imagine a giant gelatinous blob that consumes everything organic in its path, and you think about ways to stop it, few things will come to mind. Being an eighties movie, it does not stray much from the formula, a little romance, some horror and a lot of humor, but when you mix all that together you get one entertaining movie. Starring Kevin Dillon (cue Arnie screaming Diillllllloooooonnn) and Shawnee Smith it has a pretty good cast too.

After a meteor hits near the town of Arbeville, and a local homeless guy (he is locally homeless), eager to scavenge the meteor infects his hand with something that appears to be live gelatinous mass. The plot thickens when a local troublemaker, and jock couple (I believe you will recognize the girl from a recent horror movies series) take him to a hospital where The Blob (it is funny that The Blob can be scary and funny at the same time) develops even more and becomes a giant gelatinous blob that is about to wrack havoc on an unsuspecting residents of a sleepy town (such a cliche). Battling this abomination the citizens will soon receive help from the military who happens to be just around the corner… Enjoy

Director: Chuck Russell

Cast: Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith, Donovan Leitch, Jeffrey DeMunn, Candy Clark, Paul McCrane

Fun Facts: Of the film’s US$19 million budget, US$9 million went toward visual effects.


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