This very underrated gem was for a very long time under the radar, but with its release on the DVD/Blu-Ray peoplefreaked are starting to come around. Same thing happened with the initial release. After poor test screenings, Freaked (previous title was Hideous Mutant Freekz) made its way to only two theaters in USA. Advertising budget was eliminated and movie was considered a huge box office bomb. All this started much earlier, with Rupert Murdoch afraid that the movie is two weird, firing Joe Roth and replacing him with Peter Chernin whose only mission was to wrap things up with lowest possible cost. After all this, Freaked was released on VHS in 1994 and soon gained cult status. Packed with non-stop humor, gags and great make up effects, this movie managed to be funny on many levels. Jokes are smart and yet they can still be regarded as toilet humor, and that is a part of their charm.

A famous actor is asked by a large corporation to be a new spokesman for their new chemical invention, that is of course nontoxic. After they arrive in South America Ricky and his friend are joined by a female protester that is against the use of the chemical. They will all wind up in a remote farm, where they will meet a crazed scientist that has some other plans for them. Featuring Brooke Shields, Randy Quaid and Keanu Reeves as Ortiz the Dawg boy giving out great performances this movie is definitely worth watching. Not to mention the whole corporate/chemical angle of the story (did someone say Monsanto), remember this is the year of our Lord Satan 1993 and corporations were in full swing…

Directors: Tom Stern, Alex Winter

Cast: Brooke Shields, William Sadler, Morgan Fairchild, Randy Quaid, Megan Ward

Fun Facts: The film’s budget was 12 million dollars, most of which went towards the film’s special effects.


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