Day of The Dead [1985] Movie Review Recommendation

Get ready for the third remake of Day of The Dead [1985]

Yes, it’s true, there will be a third (let me just emphasize that one more time THIRD) remake of the Romero’s cult classic from 1985. A truly visionary piece that cemented the genre as something that isn’t on the fringe of the movie world, but a major player is getting re-envisioned for the second time, since apparently the first effort from 2008 is outdated. A man can wonder is there no imagination left in Hollywood and why these “movies” are getting made? The reason for the swarm of remakes and reboots is very obvious: it’s much more profitable to use famous, older movies with a nice following then to try and make something new that may or may not generate income. This is the sad truth about this remake and all the others. All hail almighty CGI (Hypnotoad would be a more logical choice (it’s only logical)).

Who are the people behind this possible sacrilege? Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman, two girls that wreaking havoc in Hollywood right now. This isn’t their first venture into remakes, earlier this year they produced the third remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (haven’t watched it yet). The budget for the new movie will be around $20 million, and while this will surely be enough to make a great looking film since the story is mostly in closed environments without some big-ass, breathtaking scenes, the more important question is will it be true to the original? So far, it seems that this is the intention of the producers, along with regular, slow walking zombies and canonical zombie rules.

The movie should be expected to premiere sometime next year…