The Last Voyage of the Demeter Movie 2023 Scene Count Dracula with his pointed ears eying out a new victim on the ship

The Last Voyage of the Demeter blends Dracula with Alien

Vampires, you can’t do with them and you can’t do without them. The Last Voyage of the Demeter focuses on the events that happened on the eponymous ship transporting Count Dracula to London in 1897. I just love this premise! It reminds me of what Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. did with The Thing prequel from 2011. Instead of broadening and commercializing the story, he focuses on the first few moments of the original The Thing from 1982. It’s funny that Matthijs is from the Netherlands and the director of the movie we’re talking about today, André Øvredal is from Sweden. He’s not Swedish Rabbit, he’s Norwegian, says Dr. Copper. 

Moving on, The Last Voyage of the Demeter is a visually impressive, big-budgeted, action/horror movie featuring everything you would expect from such an affair. Since the trailer is already out, you can check it out for yourself down below. The cast is comprised of relatively unknown faces but some of the roles are fucking spot on. Stefan Kapicic (Colossus in Deadpool) with his imposing physical presence was a good choice. And the captain of the Demeter is none other than Davos Seaworth AKA Liam Cunningham!

Javier Botet plays the role of Count Dracula. He’s an actor who usually plays some kind of monster because of his unusual appearance. Botet is unusually tall, lanky, and with extremely long arms and fingers. You might remember him from It, Slender Man, and The Mummy. However, if you really want to piss your pants, you need to see him in the Spanish masterpiece REC. So, we can count on Dracula looking more like Nosferatu and not like, for example, Gary Oldman in Coppola’s nineties rendition of the story.

And I’m not going to even mention Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. Ahh, shit. While we’re talking about this, it’s also important to note that the movie has an R rating. Something that comes as no surprise as André Øvredal already made one quite nasty horror, The Autopsy of Jane Doe. And if you’re wondering what to expect from The Last Voyage of the Demeter, I highly suggest you check it out. It’s a single-location horror featuring a creature terrorizing a family in a morgue. Actually, Øvredal described this movie as “basically Alien (1979) on a ship in 1897”.

Bragi F. Schut wrote the script almost two decades ago and was waiting for the right opportunity to make it. The Last Voyage of the Demeter is scheduled to be released on August 11, 2023. Below you can watch the trailer for the movie without any major spoilers. Although I must say that you’ll be able to see how the creature looks like. After all, this is a creature feature.

The movie is finally out and if you want to read more about it check out our Rabbit Reviews movie recommendation: The Last Voyage of the Demeter [2023]

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