The Night Flier 1997 Movie Scene Michael H. Moss as Dwight Renfield walking towards his black Cessna Skymaster wearing a large cape in the rain

The Night Flier [1997]

The Night Flier is a refreshingly authentic vampire movie based on a story by Stephen King driven by Miguel Ferrers' stellar performance.
Freaks of Nature [2015] movie review

Freaks of Nature [2015]

Imagine if Zombies, Vampires, and all kinds of freaks all lived together and you will get some idea what to expect from this entertaining horror-comedy.
Fright Night [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Fright Night [2011]

"I am not going to rant about the lack ideas in Hollywood and the trend of recycling 80's movies", is what I thought when writing this review, but as...
Stake Land [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Stake Land [2010]

Stake Land, huh, this budget mixture of The Road, Zombieland and other post-apocalyptic movies is pretty watchable. And don't be fooled by the...
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011]

First of all, I did read this comic when I was a kid, not a lot, but still enough to remember the main characters and the story. Now, this movie...
Fright Night [1985] Movie Review Recommendation

Fright Night [1985]

With the imminent release of the remake, it's time to brush up on this eighties classic. I seriously doubt that the new version will be any good,...
Daybreakers [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Daybreakers [2009]

The latest Spierig brothers' movie kicks ass! It is not as funny as their previous flick Undead from 2003, but it delivers on many levels. First of...
Perfect Creature [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Perfect Creature [2006]

Utilizing a different approach to vampire stories, this 2006 movie could have been a classic, but due to untrained directing it remains only a great...
From Dusk Till Dawn [1996] Movie Review Recommendation

From Dusk Till Dawn [1996]

This classic never gets old, it is the beginning of the Grindhouse genre break into mainstream cinema. Of course, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin...
Vampires [1998] Movie Review Recommendation

Vampires [1998]

Vampires, one of the humanities oldest enemies, have been present in movies for almost a century. Nosferatu was released in 1922 and Dracula,...
30 Days of Night [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

30 Days of Night [2007]

Vampires are one of those mythological creatures that have been portrayed very extensively throughout movie history. Actually, the first movie to...