Innocent Blood 1992 Movie Scene Nurse holding a severed arm that's burning up and screaming

Innocent Blood [1992]

I bet you never saw a movie that combined vampires and the Italian mafia into one darkly humorous and entertaining mixture sprinkled with nudity and gore.
The Night Flier 1997 Movie Scene Michael H. Moss as Dwight Renfield walking towards his black Cessna Skymaster wearing a large cape in the rain

The Night Flier [1997]

The Night Flier is a refreshingly authentic vampire movie based on a story by Stephen King driven by Miguel Ferrers' stellar performance.
Freaks of Nature [2015] movie review

Freaks of Nature [2015]

Imagine if Zombies, Vampires, and all kinds of freaks all lived together and you will get some idea what to expect from this entertaining horror-comedy.
Fright Night [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Fright Night [2011]

"I am not going to rant about the lack ideas in Hollywood and the trend of recycling 80's movies", is what I thought when writing this review, but as...
Stake Land [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Stake Land [2010]

Stake Land, huh, this budget mixture of The Road, Zombieland and other post-apocalyptic movies is pretty watchable. And don't be fooled by the...
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011]

First of all, I did read this comic when I was a kid, not a lot, but still enough to remember the main characters and the story. Now, this movie...
Fright Night [1985] Movie Review Recommendation

Fright Night [1985]

With the imminent release of the remake, it's time to brush up on this eighties classic. I seriously doubt that the new version will be any good,...
Daybreakers [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Daybreakers [2009]

The latest Spierig brothers' movie kicks ass! It is not as funny as their previous flick Undead from 2003, but it delivers on many levels. First of...
Perfect Creature [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Perfect Creature [2006]

Utilizing a different approach to vampire stories, this 2006 movie could have been a classic, but due to untrained directing it remains only a great...
From Dusk Till Dawn [1996] Movie Review Recommendation

From Dusk Till Dawn [1996]

This classic never gets old, it is the beginning of the Grindhouse genre break into mainstream cinema. Of course, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin...
Vampires [1998] Movie Review Recommendation

Vampires [1998]

Vampires, one of the humanities oldest enemies, have been present in movies for almost a century. Nosferatu was released in 1922 and Dracula,...