Chain Reaction 1996 Movie Scene Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz in the museum

Chain Reaction [1996]

Apart from being a great action flick, Chain Reaction also has a plot that is quite intelligent and realistic. With the constant efforts of powers that be to control everything from information to technology, this movie offers us a plausible scenario of how that just might turn out. And it does all that with convincing actors and well, there’s Keanu also. Shot in a style of classic nineties action flicks it has wild chases, explosions, and shootouts. And if you thought there wouldn’t be any pretty damsels in distress, you would be wrong. Ravishing Rachel Weisz plays Dr. Lily Sinclair pitch-perfect. This is the genre in which Keanu Reaves feels most comfortable and he was good here.

Fast-paced and gripping Chain Reaction is one of those movies you play it and just flows off the screen. It features an intelligent main story, it will hold your attention for ninety minutes without any problems. Mostly because of good old-school stunts. Stunts that look like someone actually got hurt doing them. The characters feel authentic and intriguing, especially the one of Paul Shannon played masterfully by Morgan Freeman. I’m also sure you’ll recognize a lot of the supporting cast as it consists of fairly familiar names. Too bad their characters were a bit one-dimensional, but that’s the thing with these movies. They have to so light you’ll forget them the moment they’re over. Perhaps just a couple of things will be a distant memory, but nothing more than that.

Eddie Kasalivich is a part of a scientific team on the verge of discovering a revolutionary process. A process that transforms water into fuel. Of course, if this should happen, the global economy and almost everything else would be instantly changed forever. And queue the cheers as the experiments prove successful. However, the joy of the scientists will not last long as things quickly turn to shit.

The question of energy is a big one with our ever-expanding population and decrepit tribal system of values. Hopefully, we won’t have to go into the post-apocalyptic mode to survive these problems. Chain Reaction also shines a light on a military-industrial complex, the evil corporation of the future. In another great tradition of nineties movies, we follow a joint scientific effort. The story is your standard-issue couple on the run seen in so many other movies. It’s also full of classical setups like outrunning a huge explosion or jumping on a drawbridge. This makes it the perfect movie for those nights when you’re looking to space out and watch some good old entertainment.

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Director: Andrew Davis

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward, Kevin Dunn, Brian Cox, Joanna Cassidy

Fun Facts: Prior to the start of filming, Keanu Reeves had injured himself playing hockey in his native Canada. He injured his neck and back areas causing him to gain weight which explains his look in the film.


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