Army of Darkness [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Army of Darkness [1992]

Cult classics are the hardest movies to review. There are so many things to talk about, especially if you saw the movie several times. And if you saw it when you were younger and carried it all those years, you are tempted to write a novel about your experience. The final part of the Evil Dead trilogyArmy of darkness (although there are rumors that there is going to be a fourth flick, but it is unclear is it going to be a remake of the first part or a new movie) is the funniest one. The horror part is not so scary and this movie is pretty joyful all around. With Evil Dead I and II becoming highly successful movies years after their release, the studios finally gave Sam Raimi a decent budget. He used it well, not only for entertaining and hilarious scenes but also for really big sets. You can also see the impact of the Lord Of The Rings book, years before the movie was released. Moving at break-neck pace, from one outrageous scene to another, Army of Darkness blitzkriegs viewers, pulling them into its lush world.

Anyway, Ash is trapped in the Dark Ages, and he is trying to get back into his own time, but to do so he must get the book of the dead. Later on, he will be faced with a choice, whether to stay and help the villagers to fight the ancient evil or to flee to his own time. Very cool and unusual movie, this time with the bigger budget than the previous ones is best viewed after the first two parts, especially if you don’t know anything about boomsticks. So just relax and let Ash take you to another battle against ancient evil…

Director: Sam Raimi

Cast: Bruce Campbell, Bridget Fonda,  Embeth Davidtz, Ian Abercrombie

Fun Facts: That beat-up Oldsmobile that goes through time with Ash belongs to director Sam Raimi. He included it in most of his early movies, each time more banged up than the last. The items in the trunk of the Olds are not product placements; they’re what Raimi actually had in his trunk.


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