Bart Got a Room [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Bart Got a Room [2008]

Now here’s a refreshing comedy concerning prom troubles. bart_got_a_roomA bit slower but with intelligent and well placed jokes, Bart Got a Room is a Jewish version of prom comedy. So do not expect some American Pie, but something that’s more stylish and pc-friendly. It’s like they made a high-school comedy for both the elderly and the young audiences. The problem with these movies is that they are predictable and this kind of takes the edge, especially if the humor or the story aren’t pushing the boundaries. Bart however, has a special weapon. The greatest quality of this movie is that real vibe that you can sense in most of the scenes. It feels like all of this did happen or at least that it could realistically happen. And who knows, maybe you will recognize yourself in some of the situations.

Danny Stein is trying to get a prom date, but he does not want to go with his best friend, which happens to be a girl. His divorced parents are trying to start new relationships, and that is influencing him to. So all this will lead into bunch of funny situations and dialogues. Very relaxing movie, and it delivers a bit different vibe than all the others made on this subject. I especially enjoyed in William H. Macy’s performance of nice middle aged guy trying to hook up with every woman that he meets. Sporting a jew-fro, he was just irresistible. Uncluttered with forced jokes and with a relatively slow pacing, Bart Got a Room could be a start of a prom comedy marathon. Finally, I don’t know why but this movie reminded me of Bachelor Party starring Tom Hanks…

Director: Brian Hecker

Cast: William H. Macy, Cheryl Hines, Steven Kaplan, Alia Shawkat, Chad Jamian Williams, Brandon Hardesty

Fun Facts: The film is a semi-autobiographical story inspired by the director’s life growing up as a nerd in South Florida.


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