What a beautiful trashy movie! The beauty of Torrente is that the script writer and director were not afraid that they would go too far with some joke, they just did it. So we got a really sexist, racist, bizarre, filthy but still likable ex-detective Torrente, who does not care about anyone but himself (and his favourite soccer club Atlético Madrid). He accidentally uncovers a band of drug dealers and recruits local losers to help him in the operation of busting these scumbags. This anti-detective actually serves as a focal lens that shows the final stages of disintegration of the capitalistic system of values. He possesses primitive drives, very simplistic in nature, and they are pushing him into incredibly complex situation where we can examine certain behaviors or moral stances. All that while laughing hysterically…

There are a lot of dirty jokes and bizarre situations, although the one in the car, and the one in the convenient store are the best in my opinion. Usually, the cinema shows us a certain viewpoint of a selected subject, steering the viewer towards conclusions. This style, involves a leap of faith when it comes to decision making, where we are supposed to believe that most people would behave in a certain way. Torrente takes a reverse leap of faith, where characters are behaving in a more tribal and above all, realistic manner. Movie of the year in Spain and the beginning of the Torrente saga that now includes two more movies each one starring Santiago Segura the mastermind behind Torrente. He is the director, writer and lead role in this legend. So get your buddies and buy some beer and enjoy in this masterpiece. The rest of the movies are okay, but nothing more than that.

Director: Santiago Segura

Cast: Santiago Segura, Javier Cámara, Neus Asensi, Chus Lampreave, Julio Sanjuán

Fun Stuff: Santiago Segura directed, starred and wrote all three Torrente movies and there is going to be a fourth…


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120868/

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