Shooting Elizabeth 1992 Movie Jeff Goldblum and Mimi Rogers by the pool

Shooting Elizabeth [1992]

Easygoing and featuring a familiar story, Shooting Elizabeth almost disappeared in the sea of similar movies released during the same time. Jeff Goldblum’s brilliant performance is just one of the great things in this flick. Granted, there’s not many of them, but if you have this particular taste… And what is this particular taste that I’m talking about? I’ll try to explain: Shooting Elizabeth is a low-key TV comedy/thriller with an established plot, characters, and atmosphere that will take you back to the eighties and nineties.

I have developed a special bond with these movies, to be more precise: with their atmosphere. Sometimes you don’t want to think about ideology or deconstruct the world around you. Sometimes you want to watch something popular when you were younger. When the world made sense and you still had dreams about changing the channel on a family TV set. As I’m getting older I’m starting to see more and more why there are so many movies with similar subjects, especially comedies. And a word of advice for all you who feel like our homeboy Howard, divorce is the best solution.

Let me present to you the story of Howard Pigeon, a businessman situated in Europe, and his attempts to kill his high-maintenance wife. Clumsy and paranoid, Howard is a classical representation of a businessman gone mad. And if you add to that failed marriage and annoying wife, you got yourself one hell of the plot. Although the story seems serious, Shooting Elizabeth is above all comedy. I mean, who of us didn’t fantasize about murdering his partner? Let he who is without sin and all that crap…

Set in sunny Spain, I feel that they missed the opportunity to show us more of that vibrant environment. Shooting Elizabeth is a definition of a sweet little comedy from the nineties, so be sure to check it out. If you like this sort of thing, of course. If you’re looking for quality I recommend you check out some other movies like The Ref.

Director: Baz Taylor

Writers: Robbie Fox, Baz Taylor

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Mimi Rogers, Juan Echanove, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Cristina Higueras

Fun Stuff: Harold’s birthday lasts more than a day.


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