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Sex Drive [2008]

Hilarious and raunchy, Sex Drive is one of those underrated comedies that you will be bothering your friends with. Road movies are always fun, especially if you like that combination of college kids, toilet humor, and nudity. I guess the whole thing started with National Lampoon’s Vacation from 1985, perhaps even Dumb and Dumber, but this exact formula has been updated and changed somewhat to fit the modern times. I remember watching Road Trip and thinking that movies like this are so rare. In the following few years EuroTrip, Harold and Kumar and ultimately Sex Drive were released to my overwhelming joy.

The actual, physical journey adds a lot of dynamic to the atmosphere of this laugh-out-loud comedy and it also enables the writers to set up some really outrageous scenes. I implore you to check out the unrated version of Sex Drive because it’s just so much funnier, with a lot added nudity and jokes. Yes, this has been seen before, but this version has much to offer. The cast is relatively unknown, but they did their job perfectly.

After they met online Ms. Tasty and Ian_Gunz69 decide to consummate their Internet relationship with real-life sex, the only problem is the fact that Ian_Gunz69 is a virgin. Horny and willing to do anything in order to get that pussy, Ian enlists help from his best friends Lance and Felicia. The three of them steal Ian brother’s 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge and start their long journey to meet Ms. Tasty, living in Knoxville, Tennessee…

Sex Drive is actually based on a book All the Way, written by Andy Behrens. Perhaps this is the reason why the structure of this movie is so good. Sex Drive features almost non-stop laughs with an interesting story and likable characters. It’s much livelier than other road trip movies, comparable only to Harold and Kumar. I just loved everything about this movie, especially large quantities of nudity and crude jokes. Behind all those crude jokes there’s a surprising amount of honesty, especially from the three leads.

We all know how that teenage period of our lives felt like so that almost childish honesty brings more positive vibes from within. For unknown reasons this movie flopped and now when people are remembering the comedies from that decade, they immediately go for Superbad or American Pie, leaving this masterpiece out. In the end, if you’re looking for that movie that will cheer you up, look no more because Sex Drive has everything you need. It was really ahead of its time, especially when you consider just how online dating is popular now.

Director: Sean Anders

Writers: Sean Anders, John Morris, Andy Behrens

Cast: Josh Zuckerman, Amanda Crew, Clark Duke, James Marsden, Seth Green

Fun Facts: Although the film received an R-rating (and a considerably raunchier unrated version exists as well), the source material is actually a young adult novel.


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