Doghouse [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Doghouse [2009]

In the recent years we have witnessed a number of excellent horror flicks coming from Great Britain, doghouseand as always, as soon as something started to get good reviews a bunch of amateurs begun to make crappy flicks just to cash in on this trend. The Gnaw is one of them, please stay away from this boring flick, it is not even for the movies so bad that they are good category. Anyway Doghouse is one of those excellent British flicks that mixes horror and British humor, in the vein of Shaun of the Dead or the USA version From Dusk Till Dawn. And when you add zombies to the whole thing, the movie gets very watchable and entertaining. However, this is still nowhere near those two cult classics.

A group of men decide to travel to a remote village in search cheap beer and easy chicks, and as it happens they will find that. The only problem is: will they survive them. Featuring Danny Dyer (Football Factory) this movie is really interesting, basically it’s a zombie flick with a lot of men (sexist) humor, I do not think that chicks will dig it. In fact, the whole thing seems a bit childish, with accent on average men, their desires and views of women as bloodthirsty and horny. Still, you can have fun working backwards from these concepts. And as for the effects go, they are great, the only thing that I expected more in this film is nudity that is somewhat in the background, and for this type of flick I expected to be much more graphic. That’s it folks, enjoy.

Director: Jake West

Cast: Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham, Noel Clarke, Terry Stone, Christina Cole, Lee Ingleby

Fun Fact: The name of the company that drives them to the village is West Tours named after the film’s director Jake West.


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