Pontypool [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Pontypool [2008]

This strange horror/thriller is coming to us from Canada. pontypoolIn the recent years we have witnessed an insurgency of great horror flicks from countries that usually do not make these kind of flicks. A phenomenal lead performance by Stephen McHattie who very much looks like Lance Henriksen really amazed me. He has that cool face of a slick player who smokes and drinks a lot. The voice is the icing on the cake. The lack of information as the intensity of the situation rises creates a very dynamic and engaging atmosphere. You are trying to figure out what the fuck is going on along with the characters in the movie. This forms a bond between them, making the whole thing a unique experience.

Grant Mazzy lives in small town of Pontypool. He works on a radio, and suddenly all these reports of people behaving in a strange way flood the station. Soon things start to take more sinister form. There is a lot of suspense, but not that much gore. The main thing about this great movie is its script. Based on a book, this original and refreshing plot is one of few new Zombie flicks with good scripts. The whole vibe borrowed some of the atmosphere from noir and then mixed it with other elements that made a really good movie. In the end, I just have to emphasize that you should not expect a classical zombie slaughter movie, but an atmospheric and creative horror, enjoy.

Director: Bruce McDonald

Cast: Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle, Georgina Reilly, Hrant Alianak, Rick Roberts

Fun Stuff: One scene features Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash, a book featuring an ear worm or memetic virus that transfers itself through verbal information.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1226681/