Wyrmwood 2014 Movie Getting ready to fight zombies

Wyrmwood [2014]

Australian horror/comedy done right! Wyrmwood offers phenomenal action, engaging story and very entertaining atmosphere, a perfect zombie comedy!
Kingdom South Korean Zombie Series Infected Pyramid

Kingdom [2019]

Kingdom is a refreshing and engaging take on the zombie genre set in South Korea’s medieval Joseon period. Samurais fight zombies, what more to want?

Overlord [2018]

It was about fucking time... I remember that day and that feeling like it was yesterday. It was the year of our Lord Satan 2015 and I was sitting in...
Freaks of Nature [2015] movie review

Freaks of Nature [2015]

Is it possible? Can it be true? Is this another horror-comedy? The answer is yes. This time they decided to mix things up by combining zombies,...

Train To Busan [2016]

Zombie movies have lost their pizzazz in the last few years. The last big hit was World War Z and after that the studios decided it's time for...
Cockneys vs Zombies [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Cockneys vs Zombies [2012]

Yeah, I know, the title of this movie is quite bad. It suggests that this is another mess with zombies like many other movies that pit poor zombies...
World War Z [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

World War Z [2013]

Phaaaamp!!! Phaaaaaaaaaamp!!! Phaaaaaaaamp!!!!! I just love that sound that appears right in the middle of some epic wide shot, usually of aliens...
Dead Mine [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Dead Mine [2012]

By now we are used to seeing all sorts of horrors coming to us from Asia, but they all had one thing in common, they were seriously fucked up, with...
Stake Land [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Stake Land [2010]

Stake Land, huh, this budget mixture of The Road, Zombieland and other post-apocalyptic movies is pretty watchable. And don't be fooled by the...
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011]

First of all, I did read this comic when I was a kid, not a lot, but still enough to remember the main characters and the story. Now, this movie...
Day of the Dead [1985] Movie Review Recommendation

Day of the Dead [1985]

This was Romero`s third zombie movie (Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead), and you can expect nothing less than perfection from the Zombie...
Night of the Comet [1984] Movie Review Recommendation

Night of the Comet [1984]

Directed and written by Thom Eberhardt (The Night Before, Without a Clue) this overlooked eighties gem is pretty entertaining. Although not scary,...
Re-Animator [1985] Movie Review Recommendation

Re-Animator [1985]

Loosely based on a H.P. Lovecraft story, this movie is yet another example of a good eighties horror movie. Cooperation between Stuart Gordon (From...