Yep, it’s another cave movie, first one being The Descent, with a more horrory vibe to it. This time the cast consists almost entirely of TV series heroes, that I am sure you will recognize. And as in the previous one, a group of cave explorers get attacked by something otherworldly in the dark and creepy caves. The script resembles a movie that was released one year earlier Exorcist: The Beginning, with the whole church thing. But most of the flick the crew is in the caves, trying to survive. This sums up the story pretty well. This was the concept and they didn’t get much further from that. Without clear direction, The Cave tries to check as many items from the list as it possibly can, disregarding what this might do to the atmosphere, story or any other element.

Special effects are good, and the whole movie has that good visual vibe. Directing and camera-work really surprised me, since they are awesome, and that can be especially seen towards the end of the movie where fighting scenes look really great. And a final note, although it seems a bit odd, this movie is based on true events. And by that I do not mean the whole cave explorers, giant monsters thing, but the discoveries made in Romanian caves by scientist. Among the species found was a 10cm centipede with a poisonous bite, and in theory there is not a limit for the size of animals living down there. Enjoy.

Director: Bruce Hunt

Cast: Cole Hauser, Eddie Cibrian, Morris Chestnut, Lena Headey, Piper Perabo, Rick Ravanello, Daniel Dae Kim

Fun Stuff: Andrew Mason, one of the film’s producers, says they hired some of the world’s greatest cave divers as consultants in order to keep the movie as technically plausible as possible.


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  1. Docalion

    This movie is really good. I hope others would also enjoy this one too.


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