The Haunting in Connecticut 2005 Movie Scene Kyle Gallner as Matt surrounded by dead people with words carved into their skin

The Haunting in Connecticut [2009]

If you’re looking for that familiar horror movie vibe, do I have a movie for you or what! The Haunting in Connecticut is a mainstream horror, so do not expect nudity or extreme gore. However, what you can expect are lots of moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Great production values, superb special effects and believable character development make this movie quite a memorable experience. That fucking ectoplasm man, I still can’t wrap my head around that scene. It looked so nasty and very realistic. And before you ask that question, yes, there will be a lot of jump-scares.

Starring Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner, the acting was pretty solid with Elias Koteas (Cyborg 2, The Prophecy, Crash) stealing the show as Reverend Popescu. The main story in The Haunting in Connecticut is as predictable as it gets, but because of those jumpy scenes and the skill of the crew, you sort of go along with it. Yes, we all know what’s going to happen, but how and when it’s going to happen are also important and interesting questions. You should also know that the whole Campbell family is not real. The location is, however, very real although even that has been brought into question. So, the best thing is not to get too involved and unlike in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, not look up what really happened. 

It is the year of our Lord Satan 1987 and the Campbells are going through one of the most difficult periods in their lives. Peter and Sara are constantly driving their son Matthew to the hospital for treatments. He has cancer and the travel is taking a toll on the whole family. They decide to move closer to the hospital and oddly enough, just as they were driving away from it, they notice a sign For Rent. However, when strange things start happening in the house they will have to seek help.

The Haunting in Connecticut is drawing inspiration from one of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s cases. They were famous ghost hunters and one of the first to officially register a research company aimed at solving strange cases involving the paranormal. Over the years, there have been numerous adaptations of their adventures. I recommend you check out The Conjuring franchise for more details.

Moving on, I have to admit that there are a couple of really nasty scenes here. As someone who hates seeing anything to do with the eyes, one of them was particularly fucked up. I also like the contrast between the day and night scenes happening in the same house. During the day, it looks like a house from dreams but as soon as the night falls… 

PS. I will never forgive them Amanda Crew in the scene in the bathroom…

Director: Peter Cornwell

Writers: Adam Simon, Tim Metcalfe

Cast: Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Martin Donovan, Sophi Knight

Fun Facts: In the original story, the one trapped in the bathroom curtain is Sara and not Wendy.


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