The Business 2005 Movie Scene Danny Dyer as Frankie and Tamer Hassan as Charlie practicing shooting in abandoned quarry in Spain

The Business [2005]

The Business is an underrated British crime movie featuring a banging soundtrack that’s going to take you straight back to the eighties. We will be following Frankie, a young man from Peckham, London who decides to try his luck in the world of crime. The storytelling is lighthearted and stylized while the filming style is a bit rawer. Probably because of the smaller budget. You can see they were going for that Guy Ritchie style but with a Nick Love twist. Nick Love is the director and writer of this movie who first gained international recognition just a year earlier with his masterpiece Football Factory

And again we’ll have the pleasure of watching the dynamic duo consisting of one Danny Dyer and one Tamer Hassan. Geoff Bell joins them as Sammy, a ruthless and completely unhinged criminal who’s the most interesting character in this whole movie. However, as a whole, both the characters and the story have a sense of authenticity to them. Contributing to that sense are the unflinching portrayals of the highs and lows of that lifestyle. Crime, women, and drugs to quote the letter Frankie got from his father from jail. A classic from rags to riches tale set during the magical eighties.

What sets apart The Business from all the other British crime movies is the setting. The story takes place in beautiful Spain, in a small coastal town that looks absolutely amazing. A great place to not only run a successful nightclub but also to smuggle drugs and bribe officials. This is not the first time we found ourselves in Spain as both The Hit and Sexy Beast are also set there. And I highly recommend you check out both of them, if you like this type of movie, of course. I know that English social realism has its appeal but it simply has nothing on the sandy beaches, palm trees, and sunny weather Spain has to offer. 

Frankie had a difficult childhood living in Peckham, London. After his father started beating his mother upon his release from prison, he decides to take action. He beats the living shit out of him and flees his dreary neighborhood. A local gang boss puts him in touch with drug smuggler Charlie who’s currently residing in Spain. And so a new chapter in Frankie’s life begins.

As soon as I heard that our gang is from Peckham I couldn’t help but remember that hilarious Only Fools and Horses episode when Rodney won a vacation in Majorca. The Business is a nostalgic tribute to the eighties world of crime. From the fashion, drugs, and slang over to the coveted cars, everything just screams eighties. Speaking of drugs, did you know that Danny Dyer is an advocate for the legalization of cocaine? Here’s a quote from his autobiography about his drug use:

I’ve always taken drugs and I probably always will, but there’s a difference between having the odd crafty bump up the snout as a reward for a job well done and letting it rule your life.

Danny Dyer

Man’s got a point, you’ll have to agree. Although I never tried cocaine, I have quite a lot of experience with marijuana and the same goes for her as well. The Business is not some overly complex or deep movie but more of an undemanding love letter to the eighties featuring a beautiful setting and a great cast. It is rough around the edges so if this is not your cup of tea maybe stick with the classics.

Director: Nick Love

Writer: Nick Love

Cast: Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Geoff Bell, Georgina Chapman, Roland Manookian

Fun Facts: The Business was shot on location in Costa del Sol, Spain.


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