The Asphalt Jungle 1950 Movie Scene Sam Jaffe as Doc hearing alarms go off during the heist

The Asphalt Jungle [1950]

The Asphalt Jungle rivals any modern heist movie offering a look into the gritty world of crime in the fifties and engaging storytelling.
Kill Me Again 1989 Movie Scene Michael Madsen as Vince holding a gun with Joanne Whalley as Fay sitting next to him

Kill Me Again [1989]

Featuring rather clunky storytelling but with enough twists to keep you engaged, Kill Me Twice is a solid neo-noir thriller.
Johnny Handsome 1989 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Johnny Handsome, a criminal with a disfigured face siting in a prison cell

Johnny Handsome [1989]

Gritty, authentic but above all captivating, Johnny Handsome is a neo-noir classic that you play at 3 pm on a workday. And fucking finish it.
Angel Heart 1987 Movie Scene Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel lighting a cigarette with a match

Angel Heart [1987]

Dark and brooding, Angel Heart is an engaging noir thriller with an occult edge driven by a powerful performance by Mickey Rourke.
Narc 2002 Movie Scene Ray Liotta as Henry Oak holding a tape recorder in a chop shop

Narc [2002]

Narc is a classic example of a gritty police thriller done right featuring a phenomenal cast, dark atmosphere, and quite a story to tell.
Cold in July 2014 Movie Scene Michael C. Hall as Richard Dane all bloody and sporting a mullet haircut

Cold in July [2014]

Full of twists and surprises, Cold in July is a slow-burning and very immersive neo-noir thriller with authentic and believable characters.
To Live and Die in LA 1985 Movie Scene William Petersen as Agent Richard Chance holding a gun next to a wall with John Turturro as Carl on the other side

To Live and Die in L.A. [1985]

Artistic and a bit disjointed, To Live and Die in L.A. is a different type of neo-noir police thriller with memorable characters and action sequences.
Phoenix 1998 Movie Scene A robber with a pig mask holding a gun

Phoenix [1998]

Juicy and featuring a familiar story of a corrupt detective who's also a compulsive gambler, Phoenix is an effective and stylish noir thriller.
Night Moves 1975 Movie Scene Gene Hackman as Harry Moseby holding a gun on a boat

Night Moves [1975]

I could talk all day about how Night Moves is one of the best noir movies, and I do, but what you should do is see this fucking movie.
Killing Zoe 1993 Movie Scene Jean-Hugues Anglade as Eric holding a gun to hostage inside the bank

Killing Zoe [1993]

If I had to recommend you one indie movie, it would be Killing Zoe. A definition of a well-written hedonistic and nihilistic extravaganza.
Wrath of Man 2021 Movie Scene Jason Statham and Holt McCallany going on their first job together

Wrath Of Man [2021]

Get ready to feel the Wrath of Man in this latest and surprisingly dark Ritchie-Statham cooperation that's actually a slow-burner focused on revenge.
Code 8 2019 Movie Two Guardians, special police robots with their weapons drawn

Code 8 [2019]

Authentic, gritty, and engaging, Code 8 is not just an effective science fiction movie about people with superhuman abilities but it's also a heist movie.